What I learned about the Revolution. By: ozzy jean

5 things that lead to the war are... 1. Proclamation Of 1763: Proclamation from King George III that told the colonists they could NOT settle in any land west of the Appalachian Mountains. 2. The Stamp Act: An act that said the colonists had to buy a stamp for every paper good they bought. 3. Quartering Act: An act that forced colonists to provide housing, food and clothing for British troops. 4. Townshend Act: An act created by Charles Townshend that placed a tax on tea, glass, paper, paint and lead. 5. Boston Massacre: A fight between colonists and British troops that resulted in British troops opening fire and killing 5 colonists in Boston.

3 Battles of the war itself... 1. Lexington and Concord, April 1775: Although more a series of skirmishes than a pitched battle, this clash of arms was the result of tensions that had built over a long period and changed the conflict from politics and social unrest to open warfare. 2. Bunker Hill, June 1775: This costly British victory helped shape the early course of the war by proving that intimidating force alone would not bring about victory. It also proved that there was no going back: the war would be a long one with no immediate diplomatic solution. 3. Quebec, December 1775: A series of American victories along the waterways from Lake Champlain into Canada ended at Quebec. Had Americans seized the city, the entire northern theater of the war would have been different.

2 outcomes of the revolution... 1. Lord North's ministry collapsed in March Of 1782 temporarily ending George III's personal rule. 2. Whig ministry, favorable to american's, Tory regime of Lord North.

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