My Journey To my sweet Penelope and beloved son

The Cicones

After the war in Troy we started to head the right way home, then we got to the coast of the Cicones. We stormed the land and started taking food, wine, and enslaving the woman. The army of the Cicones started to hunt us. They came down the hill like blades of spring. We sailed away the next day not knowing where we were heading.

The Cyclops

We made to an island, there was some game there to hunt but the island also had a beast staying there. It was one of Poseidon's sons, the Cyclops. When we first went searching we found a large cave not knowing who lived in it, there was mounds and mound of cheese to eat. As we were eating the cheese we heard loud stomps coming toward the cave, it was him the Cyclops. He asked us who we were I told him my name was Nohbdy. He wasn't the brightest of his brothers and sisters. We brought wine, he had no idea what that was and we gave him some to try, he loved it and drank bowls upon bowls of the wine. He fell into a deep slumber, we grabbed one of the olive branches and made a spear, we put it above his one eye and stabbed it. We escaped by hiding under his sheep. As we escaped to our ship I told him my real name to let him know who had that beast.

The Enchantress Circe

After we left Polyphemus we headed anywhere, we ended up at an ordinary looking island. My men went to go look for some game to hunt and eat. Only one returned distressed. He had said that the rest of the men had been turned to animals by an enchantress. I climbed to mountain and as I was almost up Hermes the messenger god gave me a special plant to repel her potion. As I came up to the front of the building Circe was standing there waiting as if she knew I was coming. I went in and she gave me the drink, and nothing happened to me. Circe was amazed. She said if I went to bed with her she would turn my men back to men. Without realizing it we were there for many seasons. She gave us a ship and told us to go to the land of the dead where we would find our way back home.

The Land of the Dead

We were heading to the land of the dead and as we came up it was very hot and muggy. I told my men to stay behind. I walked in as if I belonged and started to head down a staircase. I saw him it was Hades. I was told that all my men would die but not me. I gave him a goat for an offering. I left soon after. As I was leaving I saw my mother as one of them, a soul. I told her I loved her and left heading back to Ithaca.

Scylla and Charybdis

We were heading back and Circe told me before to watch out for Scylla, she said she would eat my men in just a few minuetes. We were arriving at the cave she describes as Scyllas. It was pitch black and no one could see then suddenly one of my men got gobbled up by Scylla. We quickly turned around our said and tried to sail away but she grabbed 3 more of my men. Then we eventually sailed out. We never encountered Charybdis.


We escaped from that poster then we ended up on an island. It seemed simple at first but ended up that a goddess named calypso lived upon this island. she welcomed me into her home. 7 years passed on that island, Then all of a sudden she decided to let us go and give us a ship with food and water. So we started to head back eagerly as I missed my Penelope so much.


Created with images by Hans - "embers glow wood"

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