Scoring The team that scores points

What is the Scoring Team?

Scoring team is the sub-team that gathers ideas from the whole team, especially strategy, on what the best way to score points is. Scoring strives to build the most efficient way to score points. The team is constantly thinking, building, fabricating, designing, and interacting with designers all throughout the season. Essentially scoring builds everything on the robot, but the drive train which both the drive team and scoring need to be constantly communicating how both systems will join together.

Peak Time Requirements:

2017 Shooter Prototype

Although scoring works throughout the entire season innovating, designing, and going through iterations, the most important time is prototyping, the first 2-3 weeks of the build season. Most of this time is spent filtering ideas, *no idea is a bad idea*, and deciding which designs we want to prototype and be the team the builds those prototypes.

2017 Off-Season Shooter CAD

Key Traits

  • Creative
  • Ability to express ideas through CAD or a white board
  • Works with hands/ build things
  • Dedication, we need your ideas
2014 Brainstorming
2017 Robot
Created By
Luke De Groot

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