Touching Spirit Bear by: jared Cool

In Touching Spirit Bear, Cole's character changes a lot at the beginning of the book Cole was angry and felt that he was above every one else and that if they feared him he could trust them and they would trust him. The text states, "Let me get this straight champ. You figure if I'm scared of you, you can trust me. You sure have a lot to learn about trust" (Mikalesen, 16). This shows that Cole doesn't know how to trust and he wants to be feared. He also blames everything on other people, when Garvey told Cole about Peter's condition Cole responded,"Serves him right,"(9). After Cole was mauled, he realized that there is more to life than just being feared and that he needs to do something with his life. He also started taking blame for what happened in his life when he is getting treated for his injuries he says, "My fault,"(124). This shows that he has changed because earlier in the book he would have agreed that it was Garvey's fault that he was mauled. By the end of the book, Cole's character changed a lot he was doing things without being told like the pond and ancestor rock. He would even do stuff to get rid of his anger when he got angry. He also began to care for people, when Cole heard that Peter tried to kill himself he responded to Edwin," There is one way to help him,"(284). Then Edwin started to leave so Cole got frustrated because he couldn't help Peter. He is also done with being mean and hurting people, when Peter wanted to fight Cole even after Peter called Cole a coward he responded, "I'm not going to fight you,"(283). This shows that his character has developed a lot because at the beginning of the book. At the beginning Cole beat Peter up for no reason but now he cared about him so he wouldn't even fight him in self defense.


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