#WoofWednesdays Bruno's Adoption Success Story

"Meatball is the best recipe for happiness! Start with a young, goofy and sometimes shy dog, add beautiful brown eyes, stir in some walks along the lake, mix in some love and finally top it all off with the Meatball!"

Like many shelter dogs, Bruno was shy and wary when he first arrived at HSTT from another shelter. With patience and affection, he opened up and now, as mom and dad Katherine Miller and Derek DeVre report, he's the most bond-motivated dog they've ever had. Sure, he'll work for a treat (I mean, who wouldn't), but more than anything he loves his humans and wants to make them happy. He's also become one very socially active dog. He's "introduced" his people to the neighborhood on their daily walks, and works a room like a pro when there's company over. He likes to keep everyone interested, and make everyone feel involved: "He has a basket of toys behind our couch, and when we have people over he’ll pull out a toy and one by one rotate asking each person in the room to play with it for a bit. And once one toy is played out, he pulls out a new one. By the end of the night he has like 10 toys strewn across the living room." Hey, sharing is caring, right?

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