BSD Libraries Current, Collaborative, Student-Centered

Welcoming libraries are defined as bright, beautiful, and accessible spaces for all students, staff, and community members that allow students to collaborate, create, and learn in a flexible, inviting environment.

Design of Space

  • Welcoming, bright, and spacious - student friendly
  • Colorful, art-filled
  • Appealing and open layout - maximizing space for collaboration
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Flexible - wheels on furniture & shelving provide an ability to rearrange spaces
  • Access to power and network outlets throughout the library

Use of Space

Conestoga Middle School
  • Spaces for different purposes - collaboration, reading, studying, teaching…
  • Spaces for different size groups - independent work, small groups, whole class and large presentations…
  • Well organized and accessible materials and resources
  • Displays of student work that reflect the learning in the school
  • Maximizing space for student use as opposed to storage of dated and unused materials or equipment
  • Extending hours, making WiFi available for families, offering tech skills programming for entire families

Simple and Inexpensive Updating Ideas

Mountain View Middle
Mountain View Middle
Raleigh Park Elementary
Beaverton High School
  • Weed outdated library materials to make it easier to find relevant materials and free up space for new materials and displays
  • Update paint and carpet
  • Give the space a fresh look: new signage and displays, purge old supplies/materials and outdated desktop computers and technology
  • Clean, paint, and refresh existing furniture
  • Purchase matching furniture
  • Start with a few new pieces
  • Flexible and varied seating; provide options for sitting and standing
  • Whiteboard divider/partitions on wheels to break up the space as needed
  • Whiteboard tabletops or dry-erase wall paint
  • Paint metal shelving carts to give them a fresh look

Print Collection

Highland Park Middle School
Highland Park Middle School
Aloha High School
Conestoga Middle School
Aloha High School
  • Need for print materials that are current, vibrant, diverse
  • Books should be organized in an easily accessible manner using a system that all students can find in their libraries throughout the district
  • Books are presented and displayed face out throughout the library (on top of shelves, mixed in with shelved books, monthly displays) - “the silent booktalk”
  • Displays should be constantly changed
  • Print books should offer a captivating experience that is not found through online resources
  • Directly connected to ELA focus on books & choice reading - the library should be the place where students find more books after discovering something in a classroom library

Maker Spaces

Scholls Heights Elementary - Makerspace
Scholls Heights Elementary - Makerspace
  • Space for hands-on invention, tinkering, exploration and innovation
  • Checkout system for technology to use in the classroom when there isn't room for a designated space for making

Funding Opportunities

  • Parent organization fundraising projects
  • Grants
  • Beaverton Education Foundation
  • DonorsChoose.org
  • Local business furniture donations

Link for this page: http://bit.ly/librariesbsd


Photos by Vince Radostitz