The Partisans Hayden gutcher

Adolf Hitler didn't like the Jews, gays, Soviet Soldiers, or anyone that wasn't blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Hitler did his best to hide the truth of what his ultimate plans were, but there were many who knew. Those that knew didn't know what to do or how to speak out; they were weak and fearful, unlike the rebel group, the Partisans.

Jews being moved out of the ghetto.

There were two groups of the Partisans, the Soviet Partisans and the Jewish Partisans. The Soviets started attacking camps in 1941 to 1946, but in 1944 they had lost a huge amount of their forces due to them being caught and tracked down. Even though the war only lasted until 1945, there were camps with people still in them until 1952.

The soldiers were to far into Nazi lines to try to return home, so they used guerrilla warfare and stayed in Germany and formed a resistance to free the other soldiers and the other prisoners. Even though they freed the other people, they used them a workers and slaves, just treated slightly better. Even though there wasn't a single person that started it, the details about the people and some other info are still covered up.

Russian Partisans

The Jewish partisans were another story. They formed before they started moving people into camps and while they were still in the ghetto. They moved to the borderline of Germany and the soviet union (Russia). The Partisans moved into the 13 miles from Germany, in the soviet forest.

They raided farms and sometimes even some military convoys. They had some help though, they traded with some villages for food or weapons in exchange for protection against the Nazis. They fought for 4 long years until they finally were captured and killed publicly.

Jewish Partisans

Both sets of partisans fought hard and as long as they could, but sadly in the end they both failed. But we all know about how the World War two ended, Adolf Hitler dies (at least that's what people say) and America reins victorious as back to back World War champions.

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Created with images by Fearless Fred - "Spomenik Partizanu Borcu (The Monument to the Partisan Fighter)"

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