Within and Without Jocelyn Lee

Episode One:

Episode Two:

Process Photos:

Sketches Before Color Is Added
Starting to Fill in the Color
Texture is overlaid on the Image.

Creating The Comic

I decided to create an episodic web comic for my ILP because I wanted to challenge myself by having to tell a comprehensive story through visual media. I had to learn many new techniques in order to create these images, like using a drawing tablet in order to work more precisely, which falls under standard 1. I enjoyed the tablet, but I think in the future I would like to try drawing on paper, and then scanning it in, rather than using the tablet to draw directly, because it still did not give me the full control that would have been helpful.

The work is trying to communicate a complex story with a slightly unreliable narrator. I had to think about the layout and design of the comic, which falls under standard 2. I decided that one long page per episode instead of many little pages would be most aesthetically pleasing and communicate the cohesive sense of mystery. I focused on color, form, texture, and balance, in these works in order to tell the story.

I learned that when I rely more on words,(like in episode 1) the story is told quicker. However, using mainly images (like in episode 2) takes a much longer time to tell the story. I had to keep editing and revising my work in order to fit in as much information into the few images as possible. I kept adding images in order to tell the story properly, and thus had to expand the length of the comic itself, which falls under standard 4. I enjoyed making both episodes, but I think in the future I would need to do a better mix of words and images in order to maintain the narrative.

Each episode consisted of many images, many of which were of subjects I had never drawn before. I had to work by observing images of these subjects and abstracting them to be my own, in order to create more realistic pictures, which falls under standard 3. I learned that although I enjoyed drawing realistically, it takes a much longer time than expected. I think in the future I would make my comic in a more cartoon style rather than realistic.

Reflecting on my work helped me understand which parts I could change in the future, which falls under standard 5. I think that using this analysis, I may continue to create this comic so that I can make the improvements that I have found.

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