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Is designed to share innovative practices, great things happening in our libraries, and to recognize the excellent work you are doing for our students.

Ms. Vercher received the KPMG Families for Literacy donation through First book of $1,500 this year. She also received a fully-funded project from Donors Choose, where she requested books to put in the hands of her PreK-Kinder students during this pandemic. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Supports, supplements, & elevates learners' literacy

Brittany Toomer, CityLab HS Teacher, wanted to recognize her librarian, Laurie Fuentes. Ms. Toomer wrote, "Prior to Mrs. Fuentes coming to CityLab, CityLab did not have an established library. However, through several DonorsChoose projects and sheer determination, Mrs. Fuentes has not only helped establish our library, but has also integrated technology into the library (not just books!). The library is one of the students' favorite places to hang out! She is also the sponsor for our eSports team and there's even an XBOX in the library as well! She has a knack for building great rapport with every student." Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Provides a conducive & safe environment and Engenders inclusiveness & diversity

Ms. McCorcle received a donation from DD's Discount through First Book for $500 to purchase books for her students. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Supports, supplements, & elevates learners' literacy

Ireland Elem. Kindergarten teacher, Ishshah Cruz, completed the My Librarian is Great! form to recognize her librarian Dennise Hullett. Ms. Cruz wrote, "She always go above and beyond for teachers, students, and parents. She is great!!!" Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Models & supports collaboration

Ms. Canales' LEGOs and Makerspaces in the Library project was funded by Donors Choose. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Nurtures discovery through curiosity and Models & facilitates innovation thinking for problem solving

Minerva Laxton, Lipscomb Elem. Teacher Assistant, completed the My Librarian is Great form to recognize her librarian, Maria Acevedo Negron. She wrote, "Ms. Acevedo is not just a librarian, she is full of knowledge in technology. Why is [she] my favorite Librarian? Because beside sharing title books suggestions, helping me in any technology issue I might encounter, she can be a friend whenever I need a friend to talk to when I feel overwhelmed. Thank so much Cristina!!!!!" Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Supports, supplements, and elevates learners' literacies including digital citizenship & ethical behavior

Ms. Wooten received $2491.30 worth of books for her "Jingle Books" reading motivational program. The objective of this program is for students to receive books to start their very own personal library collection at home.  Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Models & promotes self-curation and Supports, supplements, & elevates learners' literacy

Lipscomb Elem. bilingual teacher, Mariana Galvan, wrote that her librarian Maria Acevedo Negron 'has been amazing with all students! Reaching out to all and making sure they get the books they request! Thank you for all you do!!" Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Models & supports collaboration and provides a conducive & safe learning environment

Dynamic Librarians

Titche Elementary Librarian Faye Davis designed and shared a number of digital staff newsletters using Google Slides and PowerPoint. The newsletters are interactive, which allow staff members to explore different resources and watch videos. Ms. Davis has done an excellent job connecting with all staff members! AASL Standards: Collaborate.Think & Include.Create

Callejo Elementary Lead Librarian NaKeisha Austin Chambers has done a superb job of building rapport with her coachee! NaKeisha and her coachee have truly reached synergy - their conversations are natural, collaborative, and appreciative of each other's ideas. They are truly learning from one another! AASL Standards: Collaborate.Think & Collaborate.Share

Townview Librarian Melissa Cunningham has had great success meeting with students for a virtual book club via Zoom. In fact, students not only share about the books they are reading, but recently had the opportunity to interview an employee from a local book store. Melissa has also recorded the audio from the Zoom meetings in order to create a podcast which is shared to a larger audience on Anchor.fm. AASL Standards: Curate.Share & Explore.Create

Moreno Elementary Librarian Edith Bender has done a great job of sharing a variety of choice boards through a variety of platforms including Class DoJo, Google Classroom, Google Sites, and email. She has also documented student learning by taking lots of photos and sharing those! AASL Standards: Explore.Share & Inquire.Create

Martin Luther King Jr. Librarian Natalie Frodin encouraged students to generate original ideas and take them to completion of a project. Then, Ms. Frodin celebrated students' success by posting their work on Instagram. AASL Standard: Engage.Think

Eddie Bernice Johnson Elementary Librarian Leisa Booker organized a canned food drive for the Wilmer Food Bank. Students were asked to donate canned food items and work together in collaborative groups to design a flyer in Google Slides that would be distributed throughout the school. A panel of judges selected one of the flyers to be printed and given to families. Students were also asked to reflect upon the experience using Flipgrid. Students responded with reflections like, "I learned it's better to give than receive," and "I will remember as I get older to help others in need." AASL Standards: Collaborate.Think & Include.Create

Zenobia Hughes, Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School Librarian, did great collaborations with content area teachers! Students used the library for animal research and projects were used for classroom grades. AASL Standard: Collaborate.Create

Macon Elem. Librarian, Mary Bilbrey, created an Indigenous people’s Thanksgiving table. AASL Standard: Include.Think

I Matter, We Matter, Words Matter

  • Third annual poetry slam for fifth graders.
  • Students will perform their own poetry virtually.
  • Competition week of February 20, 2021
  • Register: Bit.ly/POETRYSLAM21
  • My Idea My Book Contest - K-5 students write a persuasive letter on what nonfiction book should be published. Entries must be postmarked by February 28, 2021.
  • If you ordered eBooks or digital subscriptions or received an email from a vendor that your account is active, please forward email or contact Gloria Rivera letting her know if you have access to product.
Did you see this on social media? Mrs. Dillard, Peabody Librarian, hosted a Jingle Jangle read aloud. Ms. Perry, Marsalis Librarian, had stairs decorated with book cover spines. Ms. DeFord, Jordan Librarian, played Santa Librarian & passed out goodie bags with books to PK. Ms. Cunningham, Townview Librarian, created a window station where students could write or draw on the glass window.

Library Programming Initiatives:

Need to Knows...

  • January is School Board Recognition Month!
  • Feb. 1st - TX. Commission on the Arts (TCA) Grant Application due for online author visits!
  • Are you thankful for an administrator?Then, nominate them for the 2021 TASL Distinguished Library Service Award for School Administrators today! Deadline to submit nomination form is Feb. 15, 2021.
  • PBS PK-12 Lesson Ideas webinar Jan. 14th at 6:00 p.m.
  • AP Cornerstone information meeting link Jan. 19th at 5:00 p.m. HS Librarians only
  • Introducing Swank K-12 streaming platform meeting Jan. 25th at 3:30 register in Cornerstone.
  • The Laura Bush Foundation for American Libraries application is due Jan. 29, 2021.
  • First Book is looking for educators that are confident in teaching anti-bias, antiracist teaching practices that are willing to video a lesson or activity. Empowering Educators Video Interest form.
  • Feb. 15th - deadline for Bluebonnet Award voting.
  • All book orders should have been placed. LMS will begin spending any remaining funds.

Looking Back & Moving Forward in 2021

  • A book that made me think last year...
  • I'd like to read more about...
  • My favorite place to read...
  • A place that I read about that I'd like to visit...
  • Something I'd like to share with a friend...
  • Something I'd like to challenge myself to do...
  • I miss...
  • I look forward to...
  • What's your reading goal for this year?
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