Term 3 Week 2

Shabbat Commences 5.20pm/Shabbat Terminates 6.16pm

High School News

Year 10 Building Bridges

On Friday the 21st of July Year 10 students at Carmel school attended their first Building Bridges program at the Australian Islamic College in Kewdale. Building Bridges is a program designed for students of different religions in an effort to break down misunderstandings, prejudices and stereotypes . Carmel was accompanied by Carey Baptist and Newman College. Students from these schools participate in a range of sessions that help to "build bridges" so that appreciation of other cultures and connections with people from different religions can occur. Building Bridges is a culturally enriching and life changing experience for the students. The program is an amazing means of making sure students can form educated opinions and beliefs about different religions and backgrounds rather than just following common stereotypes and generalizations.

Year 10 Building bridges

Year 7 Bat Mitzvah Camp

From the 25th of June until the 28th of June the Year7 girls accompanied by Morah Steph and the bachurot got the opportunity to go on an amazing Bat- Mitzvah camp. During the camp we had different activities about what being Jewish means to us. We also had lots of fun activities run by the Bachurot, the Bnei mads, the Year 12 girls and the Habo mads. We also had the privilege of listening to aa talk by Mrs Lazar and one from Odeya White on Judaism. This was definitely a camp to remember. One thing that we learnt on camp and we all took from it was that no matter how old you are you can make a difference and to always remember that there is no such thing as a perfect Jew. This camp really gave us the opportunity to broaden our perspective on Judaism and was an amazing opportunity.

By Bianca Bennet

Friday the 23rd of June was the Year 7 student’s Jewish Seminar day. We made challah, learned new songs, played games, cooked, listened to a talk from Rabbi White on the topic of Shabbat and had many more fun activities. At 5:00 we returned to school to light Shabbat candles and have an amazing Shabbaton with the Year 12s. Shabbat was incredible: we slept at some very kind families, attended Dianella Shule, had a delicious lunch with lots of singing and games. After a lovely Seudah Shlishit; we ended Shabbat with a Melave Malka complete with bonfire and barbecue for dinner. After a good night sleep, we were super excited to go to camp! We had a beautiful campsite by the beach and although it got pretty cold at night some us swam during the day. We had the privilege to have many guests come do activities with us such as Odeya White, the Year 12 girls and the Bnei and Habo Madrichot. On Monday night every girl’s beloved mother came for some special quality bonding time. Each mother was instructed to bring a gift to her daughter which in some way relates to Judaism, so we each received something special and different. On camp we learned about what being Jewish really means and that we each need to be proud of our roots. On the last day of camp, the Year 12 girls came to spend the day with us. Together, we had the incredible experience of zip lining, abseiling and participated in the lost pilot treasure hunt.

By Annael Kawaz

Year 7 Girls enjoy Batmitzvah camp

Year 10 Brain Bee Science Competition

Brain Bee 2017 by Josh Gild and Lara Posel

On the 24th of July 2017, more than 100 Year 10 students from WA competed in the State Championships of the Australian Brain Bee Challenge. Josh Gild, Lara Posel, Daniel Raiter, and Avi Margolis represented Carmel School in this challenge. The Australian Brain Bee Challenge is a neuroscience competition for high school students. This focused on information about the brain and its function, neuroscience research and mental and physiological illnesses. The competition day was held at the University of Western Australia. There were two elements to this competition - an individual and a team challenge. These both took place in a lecture theatre in which questions were read out, and we were required to write short answer responses. The individual challenge had two parts - general questions and then an anatomy challenge with questions relating to diagrams. After the Individual challenge, the team challenge began. A similar process was repeated except this time members of each team were allowed to confer and work together for the best chance of success.

In between the Competition and the Finals, we were given tours of laboratories. During this time, we got to talk to researchers, and looked at anatomical specimens such as heads and other parts of the body. We learnt about different types of research that are currently being performed in order to advance our understanding of the brain. This was a very interesting and insightful part of the day.

We were lucky enough to have two competitors in the Individual Semi Finals. Both Lara and Josh did a fantastic job in this round, and Josh received second place overall in the competition

Well done to all the members of the team

Congratulations to the Year 10's who took part in the brain bee Challenge

Year 12 Electric Motors

The Innovation Laboratory has already had a work out straight after its opening. The Year 12 Physics class are completing an investigation project where they have to build an electric motor and then investigate a factor that affects the running of the motor.

Year 12 Physics Students designing motors

Welcome to our new Zionist Seminar Camps Madrichim!

Yonah, Ayelet, Roni, Peleg and Gavriel!

Many thanks to the host families - Zulbergs, Taubs, Benjamins, Walters and Lawrences.

Looking forward to wonderful camps!

Welcome to the Zionist Madrichim

Primary School News

Prep News

Last term the children discussed what investigation areas they would like to have in their classroom. This was voted on and a final decision was made to have Vet Hospital. On Wednesday 19th July, Dr Meg Braunstein who is a vet came in speak to the class. She spoke to the children about how they need to care for their pets by giving them food, fresh water, exercise, shelter and love. She also taught the children how to approach a strange dog. Firstly you need to ask the owner if they give you their permission and then always touch the dog gently on their backs. She also discussed how we know if a dog is happy, sad or scared. We thank you Dr Meg the Vet for this informative experience.

Interactive Whiteboard in the Prep Classroom

The Prep children are very excited to have a brand new Interactive Whiteboard in their classroom. They are experimenting with writing letters and numbers using their fingers.

Prep children experiment with writing on the interactive whiteboard

A message from the Primary School

Money found on 25 July in the Primary School carpark. Please contact the Primary School

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