Common Exhibit #2 Time Management Self-Study

I wrote all due dates in my 2017-18 academic calendar to have all assignments available at a glance.
I created running to-do lists everyday in the weekly section of my planner. As I completed tasks I struck them off in black pen. I also labeled due dates and exams in blue pen.
I used the base weekly schedule to help structure my studying.
3-day long journal of everything I did throughout the school day.

Throughout this exhibit, I realized how difficult it can be to follow a written plan. Having everything you need to do in front of you seems like an easy place to start studying/homework/etc, however having all those tasks listed out can be intimidating. As I went through using the to-do list, one thing I noticed as how satisfying marking something off of your list can be. Finishing something you've set out to accomplish helped motivate me to go on and complete even more things that I wanted to do. Making a semester long calendar of due dates and exams was a good way to make sure nothing sneaks up on you that you aren't able to finish. Each day I would put a large X through the day symbolizing a day completed. Trying to do your best on every assignment is a lot easier and obtainable when you are aware of what is needed in advance versus finding out the details when you decide to start. Before carrying out most of the planned tasks I had, I would often experience reluctancy and a lack of motivation. Although I could normally overcome it, it was interesting to see the factors that typically lead to procrastination, including bad time management and overall poor decisions. Mostly these would be TV (NBA mostly), Twitter/Instagram, and athletics. Even given these struggles, it is easy to see after just days of using a written plan that it helps in the long run with managing time and getting work done efficiently and on time.


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