self-care strategy for success

with Lynn Curry

I think we can all agree . . .


hard and stressful

some of the time OR . . .

all of the time?

how often do we simply slow down and notice how we feel?


that is super duper a lot.

BUT you are all capable. And you must remind yourself of that. Daily.

I believe there IS A BETTER WAY.

it starts by simply choosing YOU

more of the time.

"Self-care means to me affirming the goodness and divine qualities about myself. It means taking care of my mind, body, and soul. I am hoping to get reacquainted with nurturing myself so that I can be self-full."

- Earlesha Butler, Doctoral Candidate

the key is developing a self-care mindset . . . that works. for. you.

we simply need to create that vision for ourselves.

become in-tune with how we want to feel.

do things that help us feel that way.

sometimes it means DOING LESS in order to BE MORE.

sometimes it means making hard decisions . . . because in the end we can't do it all.

we must choose what makes the best sense for us in each particular moment . . .

in our day . . . and in our life.


so how do we go about making our self-care a priority amidst all of the pressures of grad school?

we need to work each of these key ingredients to FEEL GOOD on a daily basis.

I need to learn better self-care habits, how to make them a priority and fit them into my life.

I know my future depends on it.



get over it

it's not serving you

or anyone else.

how do you want to feel?

// self-knowledge //

start to simply notice more about yourself

your tendencies with your time + energy

your desires

your feelings


know your non-negotiable's

make them BIG ROCKS


which means we need to address and deal with our natural tendencies toward . . .

. . . time management

. . . and work within our natural flow instead of against it. we can create the structure we need through intentional choices.

we can also remain fluid + adaptive when necessary . . .

// planning //

track your time

for a week

see what you find out

schedule your BIG ROCKS FIRST

make time your friend

P L A N N I N G on P U R P O S E w/intention.

// adaptability //

lay out your plan.

know when to be flexible

and when to stand your ground.




my water bottle: I don't leave home without it!
try it. and try it now. I guarantee it. will. change. your. life.

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Mindful Path to PhD


4th year doctoral student in chemical biology @ Harvard.

you can do this

keep it simple

follow your gut

simply sit and breathe

for a bit of time


and you will see + feel the benefits

do things in the spirit of experimentation

instead of radical change, make small shifts in your habits + behaviors

just a smidge better.

find friends = accountability buddies

track your success

build on your momentum

celebrate small wins EVERY DAY!

keep in mind: sometimes it might require a total reconsideration of your goals + priorities

taking a new perspective

it means paying attention to WHAT YOU REALLY NEED

and being honest with yourself.

only YOU know what you truly need.

Build a strong foundation NOW so that you can weather any storm, thrive in the process and celebrate your awesomeness at the end of the day.

in the end, it's really about f e e l i n g g o o d . . . isn't it?
Well-being is the MEANS to achieving the goals of graduate school (becoming a scholar + doing important work) -- many more people need to pay attention to the message of your talk. -Dr. Jim Hageman

create YOUR foundation of strength.

create the MEANS by which

you thrive in grad school

and more importantly

in life.




thank you for joining me.

I want to know about your journey!

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Lynn Curry


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