The Green Easy Herb Your Enthusiasm

The High Life and Times of LA Premiere Cannabis Dispensary.

The Green Easy, is an American reality television series. The series is filmed in Beverly Hills, California, where it chronicles the daily activities at The Green Easy dispensary.The series depicts the staff's interactions with customers and their personalities , as they engage in the emerging cannabis revolution taking place in America, with the shows focus on the recently legalization of recreational use in the state of California.The show will introduce new and established customers who visit the Green easy. They are shown interacting with the many cannabis and marijuana related products. Discussing its historical background, with narration provided as needed. Topic range from medical usage and how it aids in the daily lives of many customers to simply those who simply want to get baked. The series also follows the interpersonal conflicts among the cast. Numerous local experts in a variety of fields also regularly appear to discuss the many issues and trends of the marijuana industry in California and through-out the globe.

About The Green Easy

The Green Easy is precisely what you would expect from a Beverly Hills dispensary a few blocks east of the Beverly Center. Blue velvet chairs on a white marble floor offer a soft place for soft tushes accustomed to the best. Fresh-cut flowers add to the genteel atmosphere. It's so quiet you can meditate. In operation since 2007, The Green Easy operates like Rodeo Drive shops, where shoppers experience high-end service and quality. "We only deal in high-end products," Mike the manager said. "It's a comfortable place where you don't feel like you're doing a shady drug deal in an alley." Another drawing card is how they weigh flowers. Instead of one gram, it's 1.2 grams. Instead of 3.5 grams, it's four grams per one-eighth of an ounce. Although he wouldn't reveal prices, Mike said his high-end flowers include such favorites as Kosher OG X Jack Herrer, Purple God's Gift and Lamb's Bread. Middle-of-the-road strains are Fresh OG and Super Lemon Haze while Greenhouse Girl Scout Cookies and Maui OG are at the lower end. There's good on-street, metered parking that's well-lit. If you want to get your Zen on, this place is lit
Location. PRE-PRODUCTION: January 16th 2016 SHOOT DATES: February 6th 2017 POST PRODUCTIONS: in field march 6th 2017 Location: Surrounding Beverly Hills, CA

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