History Behind Odyssey

Trojan war.

The Trojan war is a war between the Greeks and the people of Troy. The war started when Trojan prince, Paris, abducted Helen, wife of Menelaus of Sparta and refused to release her. As of so, he had asked his brother to to lead an army against Troy.

In order to defeat the Trojans, the Greeks built a hollow wooden horse and gifted it to the Trojans. When they had brought the horse into the walls of the city, Greek soldiers climbed out of it. That brought the defeats of the Trojans.

Greek heroes

  • Menelaus
  • Agamemnon
  • Achilles
  • Odysseus
  • Nestor
  • Ajax

The relation

I feel that the Odyssey is related to the Trojan war because the war gave a start to the story of Odysseus. The story of Odysseus began when the war ended and he and his men were voyaging home back to Greece (I think).

Who is Homer ?

"Homer is a mystery. ... Some scholars believe him to be one man; others think these iconic stories were created by a group. A variation on the group idea stems from the fact that storytelling was an oral tradition and Homer compiled the stories, then recited them to memory."

"Homer’s style, whoever he was, falls more in the category of minstrel poet or balladeer, as opposed to a cultivated poet who is the product of a fervent literary moment, such as a Virgil or a Shakespeare. The stories have repetitive elements, almost like a chorus or refrain, which suggests a musical element. However, Homer’s works are designated as epic rather than lyric poetry, which was originally recited with lyre in hand, much in the same vein as spoken-word performances."

"All this speculation about who he was has inevitably led to what is known as the Homeric Question—whether he actually existed at all. This is often considered to be the greatest literary mystery."


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