Anastasia N. explorers

Hernando de Soto

Hernando De Soto was a famuse Spanish explorer and was born in 1500. He died 1545 because of a bad fever on May,21 present day Ferriday. In 1539 he set off nourth and found the Missispi River. When he came back he was a wealthy man. he shared 18,000 ounces to the empires fortune. De Soto settled down in a lovely life and married daughter of his patron Davila a year later from returning to Peru.

He tried finding gold while he was exploring out in the North. But instead of finding gold he found the Mississippi River witch he named the Mississippi River.

Were his expedition was.
What he looked like.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher was born in Italy and born in October 31, 1451 witch is on Halloween. He was a sailer and an explorer. His father was a weaver and made cloth, also he helped do weaving. Every day he dreamed about sailing in the sea.

When he grew up he learned how to sail. All sailers traveled East, but he tryed to sail West instead. Seventy days past and he found an island in the Amaricas but he thought that it was Asia. After that he ade four trips to the Amaricas.

When he landed on the Indies there were some people that he named indians. Witch were named after the land Indies.


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