Texting and Driving Shania Bess

Nearly everyone thinks texting and driving is a dangerous thing, but people do it anyways. 11 teens die every day from texting and driving. One of the most “normal” ways to text while driving is at a stop light. People drive more erratically when they’re texting than when they’re drinking and driving. We know that people are six times more likely to be in an accident if they’re texting and driving. Road accidents can happen anywhere in the world, and at any time. It is one of the most random, split second things that can ever occur. People travel at such high speeds in the world now that nearly every accident is fatal or leaves someone critically injured, or disabled. Reading a text message while driving distracts a driver for a minimum for 5 seconds each time. So this means that the chances of an accident occurring while reading a text is highly indeed. 94% of teenagers understand the consequences of texting and driving, but 36% admit they do it anyway. No text message is more important than your life! DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!

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