HIT 122 Mathematics for Technologists II


  1. Linear Algebra.
  2. Ordinary Differential Equations.
  3. Vector Calculus.
  4. Laplace Transforms.
Course Assessment

1. Assessment shall be based on continuous assessment as well as Institute examinations. The continuous assessment will contribute 25% of the overall assessment mark of that subject.

2. The Pass Mark for the overall Continuous Assessment Component will be 50%.

3. To be admitted to any Institute examination, a candidate must:

  • be registered as a student of the Institute in accordance with the General Regulations;
  • have satisfactorily completed approved courses of study at the Institute. ‘Satisfactory completion’ of courses may require submission of written work, attendance at lectures, seminars, tutorials, Internship and other activities as stated in the School Regulations.
  • have passed continuous assessment of the relevant course as prescribed by the School Regulations.

For a PDF file of the course outline click the link below.

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra Test: 28 February 2017.

For the Linear Algebra worksheet click the link below.


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