Lewis and Clark Expedition Noel Stump & Gianna Terranova

Meriwether Lewis- Teamed up with William Clark to explore the territory west of the Mississippi. He was part of the state militia. Since he was part of the militia he helped get rid of the Whiskey Rebellion. Sacajawea- She was the only woman on the expedition. She was the daughter of Shoshone chief. She was born in Idaho in 1788. When she was 12 she was captured by Hidatsa Indians and was sold to a trapper who made her one of his wives.William Clark- explored and mapped unknown lands west of Mississippi river. He was born August 1, 1770 in Virginia. The journey began when Lewis invited him to share command when they traveled to west of Mississippi River. He became friends with Lewis when they served together in the military. Patrick Gass- He was a discovery member and outlawed all others. He was born June 12, 1771 in Pennsylvania. He volunteered for the expedition. He joined the military before the expedition and was promoted sergeant. Thomas Jefferson- U.S. president 1801-09. He was born April 13, 1743 in Virginia. He sent people to an 8,000 mile journey into unknown western lands. (Lewis and Clark Expedition) He was a draftsman of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.
On this expedition they found tobacco plants, beargrass, and wild roses. The tobacco plants were good because they were worth a lot which made it better for trade. The beargrass was good because the Indian people used it for hats, drinking cups, and cooking vessels. But was not good for the people and animals on the journey because the plant was slippery. Both the animals and people lost traction. The wild roses were also a good item in the expedition because they were edible, healthful , and rich in vitamin C.
During the expedition some of the animals they encountered are sharp-tailed grouse, prairie dogs and magpies. The first animal Lewis discovered was the prairie dog. Prairie dogs bark like a dog, they have short stubby bodies and a chipmunk-like tail. Lewis sent the easterners a caged prairie dog because it was unknown to them. Lewis also caged and sent four magpies but only one survived. A magpie is a black, blue and white bird and is short. Another animal they encountered is a sharp-tailed grouse, Lewis classified it as a "Splitter". It is brown, white, and a little bit chubby. Lewis also sent grouse to the easterners.
The people followed the Missouri River westward. They then crossed the Rocky Mountains. To than travel down to where the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean meet.
These three pictures represent the three accomplishments that happened on the expedition. The first picture represents the good trading they throughout the lands. This was an accomplishment because that lead to more imported goods and necessities for everyone. The second picture represents the westward territory. This was an accomplishment because we got the western lands and expanded our territory even more. Which we wanted. This brings me to the third picture and this picture represents land for cheaper. This was an accomplishment because it lead to rapid settlement which lead to expansion.
All four of this pictures have something in common. They were all items and tools used on the journey. The first picture is medical supplies. This was important for the journey because it was used for the sick people. The second picture are knives. Which are used for defense. One example of when you need to defend is if you get attacked by a grizzly bear which was common on this trip. The third picture are bow and arrows. This was important on this journey because it was used to kill their food and used for defense. The fourth picture are guns. Which are also used for defense and to kill their food.
During the Lewis and Clark expedition, there were some hardships and dilemmas. One of the hardships were spreading viruses. The viruses killed many, with few to survive. Another hardship was grizzly bears, they also killed many. The grizzly bears were in the path of the routes the expedition was on. It left it hard to avoid, especially with unknown land ahead of them. Another thing that was hard to avoid in their path was snow barriers that blocked the Pacific, which is another hardship. The snow barriers only added extra time and was back breaking and tiresome to shovel. The climate made everything more worse, with added hailstorms that weren't very pleasant. It only made it harder for them to continue their journey with optimistic thoughts. The hailstorms were an added burden with everything else going on.
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