How dId Iroquois theater fire Impact The chAnge in fire Safety lAws? By lilianna oviedo truillo

The fire that happens in the year 1903 on dec , 30 in Chicago . In the aftermath only one person had jail time after the fire fire some weird reason .more than 600 died in 15 mins .

"Prinzler was astounded at the enormous and senseless loss of life that night. He sought a way for doors into public facilities to be locked from the outside, but to allow egress from the inside with minimal effort during an emergency. Prinzler tapped into the architectural engineering abilities of Henry DuPont to develop a product." This evidence explain how carl prinzler was going to be at the play that night be did not make it .

The “absolutely fireproof” building survived with minimal damage and was reopened about a year later as the Colonial Theater. The building was torn down in 1924 to make way for the Oriental Theatre. The theatre has been renamed the Ford Center for the Performing Arts.Yet some good came out of this tragedy. Lax enforcement of fire regulations became a thing of the past. All Chicago theatres were closed until they passed inspection. aftermath of the disaster, Will Davis, Manager of the Iroquois, was later charged and convicted of misfeasanceaftermath of the disaster, Will Davis, Manager of the Iroquois, was later charged and convicted .

Chicago’s mayor was also indicted, though the charges didn’t stick. The theater owner was convicted of manslaughter due to the poor safety provisions; the conviction was later appealed and reversed .

Lasty if the Iroquois theater fire did not happened the standard will not be change by putting the theater seat will not be fire pfoof .

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