sassafrasia by: alexa almond & emma adams

Sassafrasia is a place to feel peaceful & relaxed. The community motto is "sassy but classy". My motto is "your life ain't classy if you ain't sassy"

Our mission statement is "Theres too much hate in the world. Your sass & class gives you confidence."


  • No hate
  • Sassy but not rude
  • Nothing inapropriate
  • No rasicm
  • Starbucks everyday
  • Everyone is perfect
  • Respect queen
  • Everyone earns same amount of money a year.
  • No drugs
  • Facial friday & Spa day saturday

We are located on a tropical island off of the bahamas, only beauty comes from the tropics. Warm weather helps beauty thrive.

Our schedule goes as follows

  • 11 am wake up
  • 12 pm brunch on the beach
  • 1-4 pm freetime to relax and go to the spa
  • 5-9 pm mingle and make friends
  • 10-11 pm bath time beautify yourself before bed
  • 12 pm beauty rest

Our government is an anarchy. We want to be in charge and be the queens.

You want to come to sassafrasia because its a carefree enviroment and a fun and relaxing place to be.

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