Maker Camp Start an after school camp

Get ready to explore making!

Make something

This is our space:

Art Supply Area Considerations:

  • Varieties of pencils, pens, markers, and papers
  • Craft sticks, q-tips, washi tape
  • Magazines and newspapers for collages
  • Feathers, pipe cleaners, stickers, google eyes

Research Area

  • Books on maker topics
  • Design Challenges (see our Pinterest board)
  • Get inspiration on Instagram or Twitter
  • Use QR Codes to direct students to videos for inspiration.


We post design challenges on our board and put supplies on the low table so that kids can give it a try. We have a TV wall mounted to show inspiration or timers.

Maker Supplies

  • Robotics: Spheros, Dash, Ozobot
  • Beadmaking, embroidery, sewing
  • Real tools: hammers, nails, screwdrivers, glues, and adhesives
  • Foil, wax paper
  • Play dough, Makey Makey, Knex

Supplies to Consider

Managing Your MakerSpace

Students Use Plan Sheets to Request Materials and Plan Their Designs

Have Students Make a Plan

So You Want to Start a Camp?

Things to think about as you prepare:

  • How many students can you accommodate? We ran 3 sessions of 30 kids each with 1 teacher and 2 IAs. We had our hands full.
  • Time - How long will a session be - we did 5 week sessions with 1 hour per week
  • Applications - there is a form in our folder to use as a sample.
  • Selection Process - random or criteria based - behavior reward, students who wouldn't otherwise have access, be creative.
  • Lottery - We had 200 applicants for 90 spaces. Be prepared.
  • Budget - materials and people - loop in your principal - tap the community, parents, PTO, Home Depot, Donor's Choose, BEF Grant
  • Space - we used the library.
  • Book Experts - Innostrats, LITTs, Future Bus, Parents, US:)
  • Plan a Curriculum - at least loosely - see our resources folder for an example. Use it or make your own!


Take Homes

Communicating successes home was key for us to generate community support. We always tried to be sure that students came home with something they had made during camp. At the end of camp, we asked parents to complete a survey to let us know what kids liked and how we could improve. See our sample.

Have Fun!

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