Leadership In Sports Presented by: Katie Lafemina, Colin Jones, Shaun Fine, & Ashley Hodge

Leadership according to: Mickey Plyler

Mickey Plyler (right), host of the Mickey Plyler Show on Clemson sports talk radio station, 105.5 The Roar.

What is leadership in sports?:

“Inspire people to follow”

-“Magnetic personality that draws people in and makes them want to follow your lead”

Example of leadership: Coach Dabo: Mickey said that when he first had him on the show he was a receivers coach and that was the same day they signed C.J. Spiller. Then he said that when he became head coach he could see Dabo’s values imprinted on the football team. Then he said that Dabo’s success lead to his staff being paid really well.

“His values shines through his personality and fosters his leadership”

Parasocial interaction: Forms a relationship with his listeners through social media (Twitter), the phone lines and text messages.

Leadership according to: Jamey Rootes

Jamey Rootes, President of the Houston Texans.

What is leadership in sports?: “I Know it when I see it”


P-People: getting the right people on the team, dealing well with people

R-Resilience: attitude of leader determines defeat/victory-- gotta bounce back from both well

A-Authenticity: has to come from the heart

I-Inspiration: inspire followers to deliver elective effort because the cause is important

S-Seeing around corners: identify opportunities and obstacles

E- Execution: leaders have a system that delivers exceptional performance

Is there a difference in being a leader in football vs. soccer?: No real difference between leagues, traditional vs. sports business: all “the principles are the same”

“Platform for our community”, “caretaker of a community asset”, “agent for change in society”

Measure of a leader: Do they consistently win?

“I know of no other way to lead than by example” -Don Shula

What have been your biggest challenges as an NFL President?: Handling adversity and handling success (handling success is harder).

When looking for players: Character counts, have a “what” that they’re living for, the principles they live by, truly have a passion for football, love for their teammates in the locker room, the competitive desire to win and do what it takes to win, money and fame around you can become uncontrollable distraction but if you have a purpose related to being on the team: loving the game, loving competition, love being part of a team then the money fame is more manageable distraction.

Leadership according to: Adam Graves

Adam Graves, former NHL player on two Stanley Cup winning teams.

What is leadership?: "Leadership is being a good teammate, accepting your role, and going about your business in a quiet way when needed. It is humility, sacrifice, and leading by example. Most of all, leadership is about communication, especially physical communication."

Is being a leader on the ice different from being a leader in a sports organization?: "In some ways it is all very similar, the concept around how a team is built is so applicable in life. When I look at I do now versus when I was playing I realize that communication is the key to everything. As a leader, you need to listen and learn from each, respect that everyone brings something different to a team, and give them ownership of what they give."

So, how does all of this relate to what we learned in class?

Sports Organizational Culture: Unit 2

-The culture of an organization is comprised of the qualities, assumptions, behaviors, artifacts, and values that make the organization unique and equipped to handle adversity.

-The culture of an organization can either assist in positive progression or can be a major issue and even lead to the downfall of the organization.

-You want athletes and organization officials that appropriately embody the the qualities of a good culture.

Interview with Rootes:

-Importance of having the ability to handle success as well as adversity

-Athletes: the importance of character, love for teammates, passion, ability to prioritize, etc. Team officials seek these qualities to foster a healthy culture.

Interview with Graves:

-Make team feel they are part of it and that each athlete has something to bring.

-Sacrifices and leading by example.

Interview with Plyler:

-Dabo is a perfect representation of someone who prioritizes healthy, inclusive, and beneficial culture within his team.

-His values strengthen his own leadership, while at the same time developing the leadership qualities of his players

All important aspects to foster a healthy culture and develop cohesion within an organization

Social Media: Unit 3

-Target market connections (TMC) are a group of consumers at which your company aims its products and services.

-Plyler uses TMC to connect with fans of Clemson and South Carolina, He pleases the fans with his extensive knowledge of Clemson sports and the South Carolina rivalry.

-Good leaders are responsible on social media. Rootes talked about how he looks for the character of a player and the principles they live by when he is looking to draft a player. That includes how he presents himself on social media.

Leadership and communication: Unit 4

Consultative style: High task orientation, high relationship orientation

Communication is the key to leadership, according to Graves. He clearly practices relationship-oriented communication with his team by recognizing feedback and feelings.

Personal Reflection

Good leaders foster a good culture, good culture fosters good leaders.

Healthy mix of task orientation and relationship orientation.

Businesses and sports organizations are similar because if a manager can turn a marginal employees performance around that employee would be more engaged and loyal to the organization. This can be applied to sports because if a coach can change a player's performance then the play will be more engaged and loyal to the organization.

**Quotes and statements have been edited for clarity.


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