Leif Ericsson Viking at sea

Leif Eriksson was a viking. He was born in Iceland, but only 15, he set sail for greenland with his father, Eric the Red after his father was ban from the viking civilization for violence.Once Leif was 21, he sailed in AD 1003 for green land after returning to ice land because his mother was sick. One night, he was sailing to Greenland when a bad storm knocked his ship off course and sent him sailing to Vinland as he called but the first time he never set foot on vinland. "vin" means wine so he bacicly named it wineland because there were a lot of grapes there. Vinland is now currently modern day Canada. When Leif was 30 his father was killed in a ship sinking.

Leif had a statue made for him long after he died

Leif's character traits; Leif Ericsson was adventurous,curious,and quite able to make decisions. He was always prepared and ready for the worst.I think this because he didn't just turn back when got lost on his way to Greenland. He also was always willing to do what ever was needed to make it home safely. He also always listened to his crew instead of ignoring them like most people would. All in all, he was a good man and a good ship's captain.

Cool facts: The king of Norway that ban Erik the red was named King Olaf.


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