If you are reading this, you’ve decided to take a huge step for yourself. It takes a lot of courage to do this and I commend you! Thank you for investing in YOU. I know there are a lot of photographers out there and I thank you for entrusting me to capture some of the most important photographs of yourself you will ever own. I have put together the following information to help make your boudoir session the absolute best it can be.

So much of the outcome relies on your being informed and prepared so please read through and if you have any questions afterwards, feel free to contact me at info@lindsaycarlisleboudoir.com.

Q: I'm a little nervous, is this normal?

A: Oh my goodness, YES! We love when our clients tell us they are nervous - it means that you are NORMAL! Stepping outside of our comfort zones is always a little nerve-racking, but you are in great hands with my team and I. We will be here to guide you every step of the way; from wardrobe options, to hair and makeup, and especially how to pose on session day. I understand the importance of feeling truly guided and comfortable and as a result have crafted your session experience around facilitating a safe space for all of my clients Many of my clients tell me they actually ended up enjoying being in front of the camera the whole time!

In the weeks leading up to your session, start building a small collection of lingerie or other pieces you wish to wear. 3 wardrobe options are included in your session. Keep in mind, if you are interested and comfortable with being nude in any of your images, that will count as one outfit.

If you decide to pre-purchase one of our photo collections, then you can choose a 4th outfit as a bonus option!

The most important thing in selecting wardrobe is that you are comfortable in what you wear, that you feel sexy, and feel like YOU. Please do not try to fit into any one mold here. If lingerie is not your thing, no worries. It's not a lot of people's thing- do not pressure yourself to wear something you don't feel comfortable in. Your boudoir session is all about capturing you in your sensual, soulful essence.










Be sure that your wardrobe selections DO fit you! There is nothing less flattering than a bra that does not fit. If you are unsure of your size, please get measured and be sure to try on everything prior to session day.

You'll find more info on what to wear and what not to wear in these blog posts:



Really though, feel free to be creative. Your photo session is all about expressing yourself so don't try to fit into any box here. We also photograph full or partial nudity during your session depending on your comfort level.


Loose fitting teddies or slips, bras with little support, busy patterns, poor fitting undergarments of any kind! We want to accentuate your body and loose fitting undergarments won’t show the curves as well. I recommend staying away from patterns and instead opting for more solid colors so we can bring the attention to your face and body rather than the lingerie.

Please refrain from wearing any tight fitting clothing the day of your shoot, until our session begins. Tight bra straps, jeans, panties all will leave marks on the skin…which becomes a nightmare in the post production of images.

Lindsay made me feel so empowered and I never thought I would go nude but you feel so comfortable. My scars are my journey. Ladies don’t let anything hold you back. I almost did and now I’m so glad I didn’t. It truly is one of the most amazing experiences of my life!!! Just do it trust me you won’t regret it!!! -Teri


Many women will pay special attention to grooming right before their session. I do encourage you to keep this up for your session, if it is something you already partake in. Waxing, threading, haircuts, manicures, pedicures…all good ideas! Make sure to schedule these appointments at least two full days before your session. If professional hair removal isn’t your thing so much, no worries. A little nail color though goes a long way. Just ensure that the nail color you choose does not clash with the colors of what you plan to wear.


If you have tan lines, they will show in your pictures. While I am skilled at retouching, skin tone matching is a tremendously laborious task and not included in my retouching services. I can even it out a little but removing them completely is a no can do. If that is bothersome to you, try getting a really good professional spray tan.


Please eat breakfast. If I can give ONE word of advice, EAT. Shoot days, while fun, also require energy. If you haven’t eaten a substantial breakfast (or lunch) prior to your arrival, you run the risk of losing steam halfway through your session, which will affect the final gallery of images. I’ve seen it happen before and I really don’t want it to happen to you!

Getting your professional hair and makeup application typically takes approximately 1.25 hours. Feel free to share any images of inspiration with the artist. Once you are done with hair and makeup, it’s time to change into your first outfit and begin the session! I recommend saving your favorite outfits for later in the session when you feel more warmed up to the camera. The outfit rotation order is also something we will decide on together pre-session.


Everyone gets nervous right before their session. It is normal and to be expected. My job is to help alleviate the nerves and put you at ease. Above all, your session should be FUN! You will most likely find that once we begin shooting the nerves disappear. You’ll find that although the shooting environment is structured and professional, it is also easy going and a crazy good time. I assure you as long as you listen to my instructions and relax, your photos will turn out beautifully.


The session will last for 90 minutes approximately. This allows for wardrobe changes and a relaxed time together. On the day of your session please allow approximately 3.5 hours from the start of hair and makeup until the end of the shooting time. There is no extra charge if we go over this time. There will also be times when the shooting time ends early. If this happens, trust that I have captured what I needed to and pat yourself on the back for bringing such amazing energy to your session.

Guests are not permitted to attend your boudoir session. We have found that there is typically not enough room, seating, etc. to accommodate guests. We also aim to protect your energy and want you to be focused on your session rather than your guest's enjoyment of your session.

It was such an amazing experience. This was my first photo shoot ever and I felt like a million dollar model from the second I walked into Lindsay's studio. I felt alive, sexy, mysterious, and desirable - feelings which were not common for me before the shoot. Now I live and breathe it. -Sarah

Don’t worry about posing- that is my job and why you’ve hired a professional! It’s totally normal to not know how to pose, where to look, what to do with your hands, etc. As long as you can listen to instruction, I promise you will look amazing.

It isn’t a bad idea to stretch for 10-20 minutes before coming to your session. It’s a little known fact that the best pictures are of poses that are challenging to get into, to hold and that feel awkward. Don’t be surprised if you are sore after your session but no shot is worth an injury. If something I am asking you to do hurts, stop and we will move on. Do expect some of this posing to feel like a workout!

My experience with Lindsay was amazing to say the least. She does an excellent job of catching the right angles/lighting/positions to make any woman of any size feel like a VS model... not even exaggerating! Even having ZERO experience modeling, I left that day feeling ready to hit the runway.

Your Reveal Session:

We will schedule your Reveal & Order Session about 5 days after your photo session and will be conducted either in person or online. During this time, we will sit down and look through all of your images for the first time... our favorite part, the big reveal!

We'll be sending you more info on all of our products and bonuses, including our Investment Guide, in the coming days.

I’m thrilled that you have taken this valuable and empowering step toward self-love. I think you’ll find that your boudoir session is above all fun and will instill a new sense of confidence when you walk out the door. Congrats to you for celebrating your powerful femininity and sensuality. I can’t wait to work with you!

Much Love,


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