Long Pond Masters Rowing Cape and Islands Rowing Association

Come row with us! Perhaps you've been away from the sport because life got in the way, or perhaps you've always meant to learn and never got there. Now is your chance to row with a cheerful, adventurous, and otherwise delightful group of adult rowers here on Cape Cod. Men and women are welcome, and the boats tend to segregate by gender. We row on Long Pond, in Harwich, Massachusetts, and put in at Fernandes Bog Beach on Long Pond Drive. The club uses boats owned by Cape and Islands Rowing Association (CIRA) . The boats available include both sweep and sculling boats: eights, fours, doubles, and singles. Group coaching occurs in two-week blocks (commitments) Some private lessons are available.

Our parent organization is Cape and Islands Rowing Association (CIRA), who provides our equipment. Our club has eights, an octuple, doubles, and singles. The masters groups practice sculling, although we have had the pleasure of a few sessions with sweep oar rowing the eight.

This masters season, we have a stalwart group of women who began rowing (primarily sculling) within the last year and a half. Our amazing coach is Barb Howard, who brings her talent, good cheer, and love of rowing to our morning practices. As we transition to fall, the season is winding down. We welcome women new to the sport to join us in the spring of 2018. We focus primarily on sculling. Returning rowers may explore participation in a couple of regattas for the experience in 2018.

The Men's Championship Quad (Master's) is also winding down for the winter. This small group of fine fellows get a solid workout on a beautiful lake in the company of other former rowers. A group of men new to the sport plan to start together in the spring of 2018. Consider joining the fun and learn sculling this spring! More details will be posted on this page around April 2018.

Coach Barb and John prepare the launch for practice. John is one of the rowers for the men's quad.
Cranberry Sprints Regatta Day 2017


Photos by Sharlene Sones and Barbara Howard.

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