How to end human trafficking johan rodriguez

many cases of human trafficking occurs in small villages where they don't have no idea of how to defend them self's or know if someone wants to take you as a victim of human trafficking.a way to end this huge problem could be by sending people to this villages and teach them how to recognize someone who take people and sell them as prostitutes. we should care about this because even though this happens in the other part of the world they are also humans like we are too and this could happen to to anyone,including us.

another way to end human trafficking is by putting more security in the airports,they should do it because people take their victims ,they often use the airports to take their victims to another part of the world. they should train people to recognize when a person is a victim of human trafficking that way the ones who sell people for sex can be taken to prison. This is important because many time when we are about to get in plane in the airport,there are a lot of girls that are been kidnap from their homes and they wish someone could help them but how can we help them if we don't have enough people who can recognize someone that is using people for human

one last thing that we can do to end human trafficking is by putting more extrict laws and much bigger punishment to those who kidnap people,they need to this because that way we can make those people pay for all the suffering they have done to all those girls that they kidnap and so that they won't be out in the streets trying to sell girls for sex anymore.This is important because now days the maximum time they give in prison is 10 years or less,when they get out of jail they do it again. That's why they should give them more time in prison so they won't be out in the streets taking girls to sell them.


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