DVD RePort by Bruce Lansky

this is the poem

The Poem:

When your book report is due,

heres a little clue:

If you haven't read the book,

rent the movie-have a look.

Dont forget the special features;

you'll find stuff to trill your teacher.

Actors talking bout the plot-

that should help you out a lot.

Your report will be really will be groovy....

unless the book is not like the movie


This high quality poem is about a child in elementary school who does NOT like doing book reports. So he tell every reading his secret trick. He does his book reports by watching the movie. This poem has many funny lines in it. It also uses rhymes in its lines. it also used lots of descriptive language. This is a literal and funny poem.

The title of the poem shows shows no other meaning than what it really is. This poem is fun and silly. There are no hidden meanings represented in the poem than that he doesn't like doing book reports.

Some of the literary devises are alliteration and assonance and rhym. Rhym mean that the same sound is repeated over and over. it demonstrates this by repeating a sound every line

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