Nature in the Good Life by annie warner

Nature on Display

While exploring the Florida Museum of Natural History I found the butterfly exhibit particularly interesting. This exhibit begun with hundreds of dead framed butterflies on display. The variety of butterflies provided an experience to see colors, shape, and breeds that I would never have the opportunity to see in the wild. After looking at the endless amount of framed butterflies we entered the butterfly gardens. This exhibit was an enclosed garden in which we were able to walk through and observe butterflies in their natural habitat. This was an incredible experience in which I was able to get within inches of numerous butterflies. I found this interactive exhibit really captured my attention and sparked an interest in butterflies for me.

Nature and Ethics

Conversation is very important in a world of rapid development. Sustainability, or lack there of, is a huge issue that our society is facing. I agree with Leopold’s idea that we must learn to appreciate our natural land and habitats in order to preserve them. I think that the Natural History Museum truly provided me to explore this new idea in a different perspective. Seeing the history of generations of Floridians preserved was an amazing educational experience. It also promoted my interest in preserving the Florida of today for future generations. One particular exhibit that promoted my interest in conserving our environment was the life size recreation of ocean creatures that visitors could walk through. The ocean has always been an area of interest for me and getting to walk next to large aquatic creatures reminded me how fragile our ecosystems are. Numerous everyday issues such as plastic bottle pollution to large issues such as oil spills are greatly impacted our ocean ecosystems.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Herschel raises an excellent point that it is important to take time in our daily lives to appreciate nature and all that our natural environment offers. The Natural History museum allows us a unique opportunity to step back in time and see what the world was like hundreds of thousands of years ago. This preservation of nature and history is essential because it allows a vital look into our past and where we came from. For example, while at the museum I got the opportunity to see a skeleton of an ancient dinosaur. This experience was incredible and provided me the chance to see something that obviously is not an everyday occurrence.

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