Anna Bea


Anna Bea is a singer songwriter from London and has recently been featured on a new single 'This Time' with Steve Marinangeli, following the success of her debut EP 'Wheel of Change' and recently released single, 'The Art of Not Falling Apart' (amassing over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify and over 3 million views on TikTok). Having only started releasing music during lockdown, the success of her songs so far have led to multiple interviews with radio stations such as BBC London, BBC Introducing South West, BBC Bristol and Glastonbury FM, with her most recent single landing at No.1 on the iTunes Pop Charts in Luxembourg.

Anna was asked to perform at Carfest Festival in August and performs weekly at gigs in London. She has also been featured in publications such as Louder Than War, We Plug GOOD music and Lock Magazine. Currently, Anna is working with top writers, producers and mixers such as Simon Ellis (Spice Girls, Britney Spears), Steve Overland (FM), Jessica Sharman (Ward Thomas) and Brad Mair (Kygo).



'The Art of Not Falling Apart is almost like a distorted fairy tale. With ethereal elements in the production and Spanish guitar infusions, the song is for anyone who has ever felt trapped or a little lost.' - Anna Bea


'I was asked to sing the lead vocal for this track by songwriter Steve Marinangeli, however when I was meant to start recording, lockdown hit again and all the studios were closed. A friend of mine has a studio in his bedroom and so I spent 4 days recording this song there. It was produced by Simon Ellis (the writer of the S Club 7 song 'Don't Stop Movin') and is about a girl reminiscing about her past relationship.' - Anna Bea


'The EP is called 'Wheel of Change' and each song represents a different stage in a relationship, showing that nothing ever really stays the same. ‘Bleeding Heart’ is about a broken girl trying to break free from a toxic relationship; ‘People Keep Telling Me’ signifies the stage when she is finally free and confidently single; ‘Cold’ is about letting go of love and realising that sometimes it’s better to be on your own and ‘Roll the Dice’ is about that early stage of a new relationship when you’re not sure what’s going to happen next.' - Anna Bea


BBC Radio London
BBC Introducing South West
BBC Radio Bristol
Glastonbury FM
BCFM Radio

past press

'With impressive lyrics and a fearless determination to fuse Latin music with Folk and Indie, showcased on her debut EP Wheel of Change, Anna Bea has proved herself to be one of the best Pop artists of 2020' - Neon Music

‘Roll the dice - what a tune....amazing!’ - Aurie Styla, BBC Radio London

'Absolutely fantastic!' - Chris Arnold, BBC Radio Bristol

'A refreshing song from a youngster with massive potential' - Wayne Carey, Louder than War



Contact: annabeamusic@gmail.com