French Revolution The Time Of Bloodshed And War

The French Revolution was a hard time for many French people, for some however it was a time of power and leadership. After Robespierre beheaded the king and queen he became ruler destroying anyone who dared disrupt his plan. While Robespierre ruled with a sharp blade, Napoleon worked hard to defeat Britain and help France keep control of the revolution. Some ideas for the revolution worked while some didn't, however it was the breaking point for France to get what they needed.

During the French Revolution people were finally becoming equal. After the execution of the King, the 3rd estate gained their equality. The main even that had started the French Revolution was Bastille.


The approval for a new constitution in 1795 is what ended the French Revolution. After war and many lives lost they had finally found something that worked for everyone. Napoleon was the river of France at this time.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was a general for France, he was born in Corsica in 1769. Napoleon wanted to help France during the revolution he also wanted to help his family.

Napoleon Bonaparte might be considered a villain to some and to others a hero. Him and his men killed many people during wars but he did it for the good of France, he changed and made many laws benefiting French people.

I cannot decide which side to choose because the good and the bad acts seem to be equal to each other. Napoleon's legacy leaves behind benefit and equality to French people but to everyone else he leaves a trail of blood.

Other Countries Attitude Toward The FrenchRevolution

Britain and other countries were at war with France. The revolution divided many people into French or Britain groups. This war also affected the US because of the demand of shipping.

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