Stock Market Game Reflection By Max rinelli


The website I used the most was Yahoo Finance. It allows you to see how the company is doing and how it did in the past. With examples you can predict if the company will rise or fall, which narrows down who to invest in. Another great resource is This websites shows the best stocks to buy in 2017, and helped me find better companies with brighter futures.


When my partner and I were conducting research, the first thing we would do was look up the obvious: Best stocks 2017. Then, after we had a list of companies, we would go to Yahoo Finance and check their history on the chart provided. If it seemed like the line was going up at a steady rate, we would invest.


When buying stocks, there are a lot of decisions you have to choose from. You have to look at the company's past and other people's predictions to narrow it down. But after looking at the evidence, there is nothing to rely on but your gut. You can look at all the graphs and charts but it’s actually you that has to predict it. Will it rise, or will it fall. Trust your gut to make the decision. After you bought some stocks you have to continually monitor them. If your company starts sloping downward then you have to make the choice to keep them and hope they go up again, or sell them, and keep it safe. When you want to spend more money, look at the stocks that are going up slow and gradual. If they rocket up, they can just as easily go down that fast.

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