BALAYAGE LIGHTENER conditioning kaolin clay


Balayage comes from the French word Balayer, which means to sweep away. The groundbreaking technique was born in Paris during the 1970's but remained in Europe for the next decade. After the waive of foil highlights brought on by the 1980's, Balayage made its way across the Atlantic to the U.S. The 90's saw a small surge but only amongst early celebrity adopters. It wasn't until the new millennium that people in the states began to favor a more natural and organic look. Balayage's soft brush strokes and natural swipes became a refreshing contrast to the uniform look foils produced. Balayage quickly turned hair painting into an art as the colourist required a strong understanding of texture and movement to be able to produce organic looking results.

J Beverly Hills is excited to announce the release of Balayage Lightener!


J Beverly Hills Balayage Lightener is formulated with a Conditioning Kaolin Clay base traditionally used in skin care. Its nourishing and soothing properties help coat and encapsulate the hair, forming an outer shell that doesn’t dry out or flake.

Balayage Lightener contains Argan Oil, which is high in linoleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acids. It is also paired with seaweed extract to aid in moisture retention and assist in protecting the integrity of hair fibers.


ln a non-metallic bowl, mix 20 grams of Balayage Lightener and 40 grams of 20-volume crème developer at a 1.2 ratio. Mix for two minutes until uniform. Apply to hair with a brush, allow to process, rinse, and shampoo thoroughly.


Do not wash the hair before lightening. Take fine sections of hair and apply lightener- do not overlap on previously lightened hair.


  • Do not apply on scalp
  • Do not use heat

Processing Times

Balayage Lightener is active for up to 60 mins. For very dark hair processing time may take up to 50 minutes. Light bases may require shorter processing time. Check frequently as resistant hair will need a longer development time than porous hair.


Created By
J Beverly Hills


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