Sister Dolores Fitzpatrick 70th Jubilee

Sister Claire Marie, born Dolores Fitzpatrick, was the oldest of four children.
As a first grader, she was impressed with all of the stars, stamps and stickers in Sister St. Dominic’s drawer...

Young Dolores figured the only way to have a similar drawer was to become

a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart.

An elementary school teacher for many years, Sister Dolores began her career teaching first grade. She taught in Buffalo, Atlanta, Corona and Potsdam, NY.
After many years in the classroom, she became a school principal in New York and later, Georgia
Today, Sister Dolores is enjoying her golden years, living in the Philadelphia area, still waiting to "grow up" or get taller, whichever comes first!


Created with images by Jess Watters - "red and gold stars"

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