Sex: An Inverse Risk Profile Who carries the risk?

A woman can die from one act of sex.


Violent sex? Well, sure, there’s that. But more dangerous even is childbirth.

A woman can get pregnant from one act of sex and she can die from that pregnancy, therefore...




“830 women still die every day from causes related to pregnancy or childbirth. This is about one woman every two minutes.”


“More American women are dying of pregnancy-related complications than any other developed country. Only in the U.S. has the rate of women who die been rising.”


How many men die in childbirth?

(Trick question.)

Men have very little risk from sex, and therefore are much more inclined to engage, even when a woman does not give consent. Venereal disease is a relatively modern problem, so ancient men had few consequences when having sex; therefore non-consensual sex has been and is still very prevalent across all countries in the world.

If one can die from sex, it makes one less invested in the act.

Women evolved to be more selective about sex partners than men because women carry a higher proportion of risk due to the hazards of childbirth. Women are choosier.

Jared Diamond says men are less choosy, and he bases this upon testicular size, which is second only to chimpanzees.

Large balls means lots of sperm. Evolution gave chimpanzees and men larger testicles because they needed them due to their promiscuity. Ironic that a character composed of three women 姦 (now simplified to 奸) has meant “adultery” for 4,000 years in China, and now means “rape”—yes, you read that correctly.

Men projected their adulterous natures onto women using the vehicle of language. Men created written language while women were busy dying in childbirth (and raising children).

According to Jared Diamond, in his book The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal

“The Theory of Testis Size... [has] two trends: species that copulate more often need bigger testes; and promiscuous species in which several males routinely copulate in quick sequence with one female need especially big testes (because the male that injects the most semen has the best chance of being the one to fertilize the egg.)” (page 72)

Jared Diamond also said that human men have the longest penises of any primate, but he neglects to compare them in his book (so in keeping with those sensitivities, I instead show a phallic human creation, the unicorn, in order to remind the reader of the single-penised male). Diamond has no problem showing female breast sizes however.

Here you see breasts so large, they look like eyes. Eyes, breasts: they are both targets

Now that we understand the risk that females take to perpetuate the species, perhaps we should be kinder to them considering that we are all here because a woman birthed us.

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