The Integumentary System The Body's First Line of Defense!

Contain the largest organ... skin!!!


Skin is made of two layers: epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin and is constantly being replaced. The dermis is the thickest layer, and it contains sweat glands, hair follicles, oil glands, blood vessels, and nerves.


A gland helps the body get rid of certain wastes. Sweat glands help get rid of salt and they keep you cool. A sebaceous gland produces oil that protects the skin. It is commonly found with hair follicles. Below the dermis is the subcutaneous layer which contains the majority or your body's fat.


Skin is by far the most vulnerable organ, so it is the most likely to get a condition such as birthmarks or scars. Birthmarks include freckles and miles and can be removed if chosen to. A scar is a mark on damaged tissue after the tissue has healed. Scars can come from burns, cuts, etc.


Warts and acne are other common skin conditions. A wart is a contiguous growth formed by a virus that grows on skin. They can be treated by drugs, but seeing a physician is the best method. Acne is a skin disorder where pores in skin get plugged with s creates a pustule, a dome-shaped lesion containing pus. In the pus, is white blood cells, dead skin cells, and bacteria. This creates a white head.


A ringworm is a condition creating small, red, ring-shaped marks on the skin. It is a fungal infection spread easily, but can be treated by a physician.

Nails are made of dead cells and a protein called keratin. Hair is made of the same substance as nails and is a threadlike structure. Hair protects skin from sun rays and maintains body temperature. A person can have up to 200,000 hair on their head. Each hair grows from a follicle, a depression on the dermis that contains nutrients for the hair



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