Macy's Group 8

Macy’s vision is to be a world renown retailer fulfilling the apparel, accessories, and home product needs of valued clients.

Improved Mission

  • Selling more than things
  • Improved E-commerce
  • Focus on continuous growth

The Environment

  • Industry Revenue falling 12.5%
  • Competitors in survival mode
  • E-commerce expected to grow 22%
  • Success depends on brick and mortar meeting E-commerce

Where to go?

  • Home furnishing market to grow 5.4%
  • Macy's home furnishing division operates near the grow and build stage
  • Wayfair acts as a top competitor in online furniture

Macy's Strengths and Opportunities

  • Must look externally to stay competitive
  • Combine strong brand image and customer loyalty

Macy's - Wayfair Acquisition Opportunities

  • Access to the home goods e-commerce channel
  • Increase globalization
  • Gain a larger customer base, promoting brand recognition

Financial Summary

Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return


  • Macy's needs to cultivate E-commerce to grow
  • Wayfair requires a strong brand image to expand
  • Together, Macy's and Wayfair can gain a significant competitive advantage


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