Tarek Carvey

I got my project idea when I realized that this trimester was around the holiday season and so I thought oh I love Michigan State and it would be cool to add some holiday them to it. So I photoshopped some pictures together and printed it then I traced so I could airdrop it to easel inventabels which is our processing program for the Carvey Machine.. It looked perfect and I loved how it look but the only problem was that it was to detailed and I was heartbroken and frustrated I almost cried but that would not have helped me so I tried something new.

Second I simply just tried the Michigan State logo and words that to came out really well and I loved it but the only problem was that the marks above the Spartan and the words were to detailed and that was very frustrating and disappointing.

In order to Carve my design I had to move it into a app that tells you if it will carve and how long it will take and they we can carve it from there. But it was really cool because you could type in words and insert shape witch helped out a lot.

When you put in the slate you put the lamps down and start it if you have more than one separate shape it always carves the bigger one first or the easier less detailed shapes first. It makes lots of dust as you can see in the back witch makes you have to do very thorough vacuuming afterwards.

This process happened over and over I must have had 10-15 different projects that did not workout this was extremely frustrating,disappointing and it was particularly tremendously discouraging and some points I just wanted to get rid of my project and start all over.

But finally at last I got what I was looking for with a bit of persistence and a lot of hope My design came out amazing I was so excited I held it all afternoon I was so happy and it was so exciting to finally be done and that Easel Invetables made it work and It made my week!

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