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Cacao tree with fruit

Agrochemical-free cacao beans from Bijagua are sorted for size and quality.


There are many steps in the process from bean to bar!

Some beans are cold pressed to extract the cocoa butter
High quality beans are placed on trays for roasting.

Every step of the way the beans are processed in small batches.

Our kitchen at the rear of Solo Bueno store in Playas del Coco
Roasting in convection oven
Hot roasted beans must be cooled quickly

Once cooled, beans are broken to release the husk.

Whole beans are crushed into nibs

The next step is to seperate the seed from the husk in this winnow, resulting in cacao nibs.

Moving air creates a vacuum which separates nibs from the husks
Stone grinding the nibs and sugar for smoothness

Tempering produces a chocolate with a smooth, glossy texture which snaps when you break it, yet melts in your mouth. Yum!

Come by for a taste! 

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