Around My French Table Supper Club viv ・ FRI, NOV 29・Sat, Nov 30・7PM

To invite people to dine with us is to make ourselves responsible for their well-being for as long as they are under our roofs.

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


- amuse gueule -

. gougères .

cheese choux puff, featuring 18-month aged comté

- starters -

. billi-bi .

soup of cream, sauvignon blanc, and extract of fresh mussels

. gnocchi aux tomates concassées .

homemade potato dumplings with chopped vine tomatoes

- main -

. chicken 74 .

leg of organic chicken, pressed with apple-baked ham and gouda, cooked sous vide at 74°C for an hour, with butter-sautéed cremini and chicken jus

- dessert -

. moelleux au chocolat .

soft, warm chocolate cake, featuring 72% dark chocolate

- tea -

. rooibos caramel .

théine-free South African red bush tea

・88 per guest・

- wines particularly suited for the evening -

. selected by Eric Wurbel, our wine expert and house nose .


François Chidaine | Côt, Cabernet, Pineau d'Aunis | Touraine, Loire Valley | 2015 🔴

Winemaker: François Chidaine, one of the finest biodynamic winemakers in the Loire | Genre: biodynamic | Grapes: Côt, Cabernet Franc, Pineau d’Aunis | Bouquet: black cherries, espresso, peppercorn | Palate: full-bodied, modest tannins, fine balance | Great with: chicken 74



Domaine des Chênes Les Sorbiers | Vieilles Vignes | Côtes du Roussillon | 2012 ⚪️

Winemaker: Alain Razungles | Genre: organic | Grapes: three vieilles vignes "old vine" grapes: Grenache Gris, Grenache Blanc, Macabeo | Bouquet: biscuity, oaky notes | Palate: Licorice, bright, wonderful freshness | Great with: gnocchi aux tomates concassées


. .

Oltretorrente | Cortese | Colli TortonesiPiedmont | 2015 ⚪️

Winemakers: Chiara Penati and Michele Conoscente | Genre: organic | Grape: Cortese | Bouquet: green apple | Palate: pronounced minerality, snappy, bright, emulating a Chablis | Great with: gnocchi aux tomates concassées


. . .

Domaine Ostertag | Vieilles Vignes de Sylvaner | Alsace | 2017 ⚪️

Winemaker: André Ostertag, one of the pioneers of biodynamic winemaking in Alsace | Genre: biodynamic | Grape: Sylvaner | Bouquet: touches of earth and straw on the nose, hint of lemon | Palate: ripe juiciness, vivid freshness, finishes dry | Great with: gougères, billi-bi


. . . .

Domaine Ostertag | Pinot Noir | Alsace | 2012 🔴

Genre: biodynamic | Grape: Pinot Noir | Bouquet: definite peppery undertone, slight notes of wood | Palate: elegant, delicate, salinity on the finish, evocative of an autumn day | Great with: chicken 74


. . . . .

Domaine Ostertag | Gewürztraminer | Alsace | 2011 ⚪️

Genre: biodynamic | Grape: Gewürztraminer | Bouquet: clear, fresh, and concentrated on the nose, smoky grapefruit flavors | Palate: rich and elegant, with fine tannins, lingering salinity and tension | Great with: gougères, billi-bi, chicken 74


. . . . . .

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a little note behind our dishes

inspired by

Jacques Pépin: billi-bi・Thomas Keller: gougères + gnocchi aux tomates concassées・Jean-Georges Vongerichten: moelleux au chocolat・Mom: chicken 74

except for the gougères, this entire menu is gluten-free

gougères・billi-bi・gnocchi aux tomates・chicken 74・moelleux au chocolat

supper club viv

a home-dining soirée at viv's, open to friends and family, kith and kin

Around My French Table is a series of dinners celebrating all the good things in French cuisine, from classical technique to classic dishes, to the rigors of mise en place and relentless practice, and of course, a good pot of stock and our unmistakeable jar of homemade clarified butter

Our table seats six, we start at 7PM, and ease into the evening, concluding around 10PM. If you'd like to bid good night earlier, please let us know ahead of our soirée, we'll move the dinner along with greater efficiency.

Our menus embrace hara hachibu, the Japanese precept that encourages us to eat till we've filled "an eighth of the stomach." And that's our goal: for our guests to feel satisfied, not stuffed.

Thu, Nov 28 | Sat, Nov 30 | 7PM

11 toh tuck road・596290


We carry nine different wines from Alsace, Beaujolais, the Loire, Roussillon, and Piedmont, showcasing six different winemakers from France and Italy


We practice BYOB-BYOG — Bring-Your-Own-Bottle, Bring-Your Own-Glass. Don't want the hassle of bringing your own glass? We offer a stemware service . . .

$5 per glass per drinking guest

waived if you purchase any bottle from our selection, to enjoy with yours

If you wish to bring your own champagne or after-dinner digestif, please kindly bring your own stem- or glass-ware

viv is a baker, a cook, and a writer with a weakness for pots and pans, and a soft spot for cookbooks, fine cutlery, and cool crockery

instagram: @vivienneyeomy web: @suckerforbutter

we look forward to sharing a lovely evening with you

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Vivienne Yeo


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