Water Sports

Redding is the outdoor adventure playground you’ve always dreamed of. Within minutes of downtown, you can find national parks, mountains, and WATER – and plenty of it! Lakes, rivers, creeks, waterfalls – you name it. And all of these offer opportunities for a good time. So, this weekend, let’s discover a few of the ways to fun it up on the water in UpState California!

Day 1: Kayaking

Ease into your sunny vacation at Whiskeytown Lake. There you’ll see why TIME Magazine called Redding “the unofficial capital of kayaking.” At Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, the rangers lead kayak tours and even offer moonlight trips. Come spend your day on the lake and finish it off under a sea of stars.

Day 2: Paddle boarding

It’s truly for anyone who wants to do it. It’s easy to learn and perfect for a peaceful solo ride or an exciting and rambunctious trip with a group of your closest friends. While you’re out on the lake, make sure to jump in! It’s the perfect way to cool off during the summer.

Day 3: Rafting

Your watery escapades are coming to an end, but not before rafting on the Trinity River. These waters are perfect for someone looking for a relaxing and site-seeing float or those of you who have a need for an adventurous ride on Class V white water rapids! If you’re still undecided, we have loads of trained professionals that can help teach and guide you as well as provide you with the equipment you need to have a boat-rocking good time.

These are only a few of the many water sports available in Redding. So, make sure to come and explore Redding: The Undiscovered California!

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