Judges: Samson By: savanna lemly

Summary for Samson: Manoah wife isn’t able to have kids but god sent an angel down and told her she will have a son to help the Israel. Manoah wife told her husband of what happened Manoah wife wants to see the angel again to know how to get the son Manoah wife saw the angel again and rushed to Manoah to meet the angel and Manoah asked if this was the angel and the angel replied yes. After they meet Manoah wanted to invite him him and have supper but the angel declined to eat and Manoah offered a sacrifice but the angel said only sacrifice should go to the lord. And so Manoah got a goat and grains and sacrificed, after he did so, a flame came from the altar toward and it showed that the lord approved their offerings. Manoah thought he was going to die for seeing God but really they weren’t. Afterwards they never saw the angel and they had a child name Samson. Samson went to Timnah and saw a philistine girl and his mother and father is trying to get him to marry someone who is in their town. They say philistine children are not gods people. Finally his parents agreed and decided to go with Samson to get his wife as they came to the vineyards a lion came out of no where and try to attack Samson, but an angel came down and killed it. Samson didn’t tell his parents about that tho. Samson got side track starring at the lion because there was honey and bees around it but he gathered some honey and caught back up to his parents and shared it. Samson made a feast for the girl and whenever people saw Samson they gave him 30 companions. Samson said if you can solve this riddle in 7 days I will give u 30 linen shirts and 30 sets of clothing, but if you guess wrong he gets 30 linen shirts and 30 sets of clothes. 3 days went by and still no answer, after the 4th day the men went to Samson wife and ass for a better description of the riddle and if she don’t do it then they will burn her and her family to death. And then they was starting to accuse the wife and Samson for trying to steal their stuff. Samson wife came crying to Samson and claim that he hated her. And Samson explains that he hasn’t even told his parents yet. Samson didn’t tell anyone til the 7th day he told his wife because she kept begging. On the 7th day the men told Samson the answer and he was mad because there was no way they would know the answer to that. The lord got upset and striked 30 men and took everything they had, and gave the clothes who explained the riddle. Samson was so mad he returned to his family and gave his wife to one of his companions. Samson finally came and visit his wife but his wife father wouldn’t let him in. His father told Samson that he was sure that Samson hated her and his wife father was trying to give his youngest daughter to Samson because Samson wife was given to a companion. Samson was furious and caught 300 foxes. He out a tourch on the foxes tails and made them run in the field to burn all their grain and stack and cut up grains. The philistines went up and burned Samson wife and father to death and Samson told them if this is how your going to act I will get my revenge. He strucked them with heavy blows, and he killed many people, he found a cave and stayed there. It was a rock of Etam. The philistines came to Judah to kidnap and punish Samson for what he done. So 3000 men from Judah went to get Samson and told him don’t you realize the philistines rules over us, do you realize what you done. Samson replied I only did what they did to me. The men said we are here to tie u up and give u over. And Samson said promise me u wont kill me yourselfs. So the men tied up Samson and gave them to philistines, well whenever Samson had the chance to escape he did and grabbed a donkey bone and struck down a 1,000 men. Samson won the battle. He was thirsty and got some drink and he ruled over for 20 years even though some of the philistines were still there. Samson spent the night with a prostitute but left at midnight, destroyed the main gate to get through and went off, then he started to fall in love with deliah and they were together, well the philistines men were wondering how he became so strong so they ask deliah to ask him and at first he lied 3 times but finally he told her the truth and said if u cut my hair I will be weak. So she cut his hair and the philistines took him away, hurting him and making him a prisoner. Samson was captured and he was about to be a sacrificed but Samson begged the lord to have mercury and give him his strength one last time and kill him and all the philistines together. So Samson pushed the towers and everyone died. Samson family came and got him and buried him where his father was buried.

What type of judge was he? He was a kind judge but did not want to deal with trouble and if there was trouble he was going to find a way to get revenge. All he wanted was a good wife, to be a leader and peace.

The 5 parts of the cycle: Sin: took revenge on the philistines. Oppression: he took all their stuff away and killed many. Repentance: he came back to his wife but her father wouldn’t allow it. Deliverer: Samson couldn’t get his wife back so he decided to take revenge capture 300 fox, caught a torch on fire to their tail and burned the philistines crops down. Peace: Samson wanted to die with all the philistines people, and he did.

8 details of the person: Samson was strong, Kind, Wanted revenge on those who hurt him, Hid many secrets from his close family and friends, He loved his wife but felt betrayed by both of them, He cared about his people and did not want any trouble, Her was a leader for 20 years, He won a great battle between Judah and philistine.

give examples of specific details in the story: Samson was captured and he was about to be a sacrificed but Samson begged the lord to have mercury and give him his strength one last time and kill him and all the philistines together. So Samson pushed the towers and everyone died. Samson family came and got him and buried him where his father was buried.

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