AGS PArtner Time Entry Process

Entering Time in Professional Services Automation (PSA)


Accurate management of time enables many business functions, including forecasting, profitability analysis, utilization calculation, and correct customer billing. Additionally, it improves scoping of future work, so it is important to report the accurate time in PSA. This quick reference guide explains the process of Entering Time at an assignment or task level in PSA.

Process Steps for Entering Time against an Assignment

1. Log in to PSA at

2. To open the timecard entry page, select Time Entry from the PSA Links.

3. The timecard entry page reflects the following by default:

  • Current week ending date, and
  • The name of the individual who is logged into PSA

Note: Color coding may appear on the time card entry page based on user set-up—for example, holidays based on the work calendar of the user.

4. To search for a Project or Assignment, scroll down to look at all your active assignments and schedule for the current week.

5. Alternatively, click on the search icon in the assignment field.

6. Select the appropriate assignments or budgets from Recent Project/ Assignments list.

7. Or search for assignments by clicking View All. All of your assignments will show in the search results. Click on the specific assignment name to enter time against it.

8. Select Global Projects if time needs to be submitted against one of the global categories. Select the appropriate assignment.

9. Enter time for each day as required.

10. To add notes at the assignment level, double-click on the time entry window and enter notes for each day and click Done.

Note: Keep in mind that daily notes are mandatory at the assignment level unless specified otherwise by the Project Owner or Project Manager. Notes must be concise, 3 to 5 words, describe the type of work performed and should be explicit, concise, and relevant, because this information is pulled out on the invoice backup report that is sent to the client.

11. Select Milestone for assignments related to Fixed Fee projects and budgets, as well as all projects having T&M with delivery acceptance.

12. Click Save.

13. Click Submit to submit the timecard.

14. Once approved, you will get a message that the timecard has successfully been submitted for approval.

Process Steps for Entering Time against a Task

1. Repeat steps 1-8 described above to select an appropriate assignment.

2. Click on Add Tasks if you need to enter time against specific project tasks.

3. Select the appropriate task from the drop down list. To filter for specific tasks assigned to you select My Tasks. Or search for a task by typing in the Task Name.

4. Select the checkbox next to the Task Name.

5. Click Add Tasks.

6. Enter hours for each day by typing in the box under each day.

Note: As with Project and Assignments, daily notes at the task level are also required. These notes must be explicit, concise, and relevant to the day and/or task performed, because this information is pulled out on the invoice back-up report that is sent to the client.

7. To save the timecard for submission at a later date, select the appropriate line item and click Save.

8. To submit the timecard for approval, click Submit.

Note: If you’ve successfully submitted the timecard for approval, you’ll see a message that indicates that the timecard has been submitted for approval successfully.

Process Steps for Recalling a Timecard

1. If you’ve submitted your timecard but it has not yet been approved, you still have the option to recall the timecard and make corrections.

2. To recall your timecard, click the arrow under the Recall column.

3. In the Comments text field, enter explanatory text indicating why you’re recalling your timecard.

4. Click Recall Approval Request.

5. If you see a message on top that states The timecard has been recalled, your timecard recall is successful.

Note: You can now make any necessary changes to your timecard and click Submit to re-submit your revised timecard.

The pdf of this process can be found here.

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