The Holiday that stopped a War Peace on earth

At a time of pain and regret, one hero was able to stand up for what is right, and his name is Christmas.

On June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Fredinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was assassinated. This one murder would grow into the First World War as it caused Austro-Hungary to declare war on Serbia.

As the war broken out, many fair nations found themselves on the front line, including France, Russia, Britain, and Germany.

Britain became involved with world war 1, during the German attack on France, and passed through Belium.

German forces passing through Belgium

As declared in the treaty between Britain and Belgium, if either nation was under attack, the other would support the nation in peril. Because of this treaty, Britain was forced to demand the retreat of these forces. Germany refused to back down and continued their march. This invoked Britain to declare war on Germany.

By December 7, 1914, Pope Benedict XV thought there was enough bloodshed from this war, so he proposed a TEMPORARY hiatus of the war in order to celebrate Christmas. However, the counties, too overwhelmed with war, refused to this hiatus.

Pope Benedict XV

However, this didn't stop the soldiers camped along the Western Front from having their own unofficial truce. On Christmas Eve, back at the Western Front, both British and German soldiers were camped out, getting ready to continue fighting, until both sides began to pass Christmas carols. It started with the Germans, then continued until the British started to sing, "O Come, All Ye Faithful," where the Germans joined them and both began to sing together.

By Christmas morning, a few German soldiers came out from their trenches and said "Merry Christmas" to the British forces. As the Britons stepped out cautiously to greet them, other Germans held up signs that read, "You no shoot, we no shoot."

After that, the soldiers exchanged gifts in food, cigarettes, buttons, hats, and even played a game of soccer together.

This monumental moment is remembered as one of the greatest Christmas stories, and the many types of film and media that came from it show.

Many people see it as a history lesson or another Christmas story, but in today's society, I see it as a lesson to all to treat each other with kindness on a universal scale. Because if Britain and Germany can have peace in a time of war, especially knowing that it was because of Germany that Britain entered this war, then maybe other nations, other people can.


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