When the COVID-19 crisis took hold in March, local First 5s sprang into action to make sure young children and their families were supported.

We organized and funded supply drives, so families could have diapers, wipes, food, and activity kits for sheltering in place.

We put cleaning supplies, diapers and wipes into the hands of child care providers.

We created pop-up child care sites for essential workers....

....and supported existing child care providers so they could stay open safely.

We built websites and made videos for parents with activities they could do at home, and info about community resources to meet their needs.

We quickly moved home visiting online....

...so new parents could stay connected and feel supported during an uncertain time.

We helped move developmental screenings online, too.

We hosted virtual playgroups, parent groups, and story times.

We shared families' stories with political leaders, and asked them to help.

We set up emergency funds in our communities for families, child care providers, and early intervention specialists.

We worked with partners to make change happen, and to connect families to the resources they need.

Most of all, we listened to families when they told us what they needed, and we met them where they were.

And we're still doing it.

From top to bottom, west to east, First 5 shows up for little kids and families.


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