DTC #22: Gung Hay Fat Checklist one by one check off the epicness to the year of the dog





Feast on one of the many delectable dishes at a “far off” food court.

Soak in the nostalgia and history during the Golden Dragon Parade.

Hit every damn thing possible in Chinatown with the Gung Hay Fat Checklist.

In it’s 119th year the Golden Dragon Parade has weaved through LA's Chinatown streets since 1899. Here is a shot from 1942, year of the horse.
Stop 1

Find your Asian dish of choice

• 11am to 12:15pm •

📷: @thomas.a.vo

The New Year’s madness has been going on for hours by the time you arrive in Chinatown. Walking to the Far East Plaza you’ll battle past families camped out in their usual parade spots and store fronts blowing off fire crackers warding off evil spirits. Entering the internal courtyard peace will be given to you all but for a moment before it’s time to choose a cuisine. Split up or stick together in the double decker food paradise while keeping your eyes keen on a table to sit. Howling Ray’s looks appealing but the line is 75 deep, Chego’s delicious bowls will hit the spot but just then you notice the interesting Taiwanese Lao Tao upstairs. Walk the concourse soaking in the smells and atmosphere before choosing your dish of choice. Plop down at a table next to other Lunar New Year parade goers and get some sustenance. It’s gonna be a long day.

Stop 2

Let history and nostalgia take hold

• 12:30pm til you’re all set •

📷: @officiallylb

Exiting the Far East Plaza onto North Broadway street uncovers a slightly new challenge that has plagued parade goers for over a century, finding that perfect spot to see the parade. The parade begins at 1pm so you have time to secure and hold a shady spot near a store that strategically sells confetti poppers. Making friends with a couple who’s never been before and a family in their 35th year the atmosphere is jovial and exciting. When the parade begins you’ll be ready to enjoy everything from the LAPD Motorcycle Brigade(my favorite) to the dragon dancers. When you’ve seen enough, which usually happens before the end, pull out your phone, the Gung Hay Fat Checklist and get ready for the best damn day of the year so far!

Stop 3

The Gung Hay Fat Checklist!

• Post Parade •

📷: @lyndielou

Do not feel guilty as you sneak through the red clothed crowds stacked along every inch of the Chinatown streets. You began near the beginning of the parade route and there’s plenty of time before all these people descend upon Old Chinatown. Clanging cymbals and beating drums continually fade with every step you take towards your first destination, the Taoist Thien Hau Temple. Entering the holy space dedicated to Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea, you’ll pick up a bundle of incense and journey along side others giving thanks for the prior year and placing offerings of fruit among other things. Didn’t bring an orange? Place a dollar bill in the tiger’s mouth in the back of the main room. After you’ve maxed out your zen and placed all your incense in the “correct locations” it’ll be time for what you really came for: to party!


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