Vickers Machine Gun By. Sam lichtenfeld

The Vickers Machine gun. Was a water and air cooled .303 British (7.7 mm) machine gun. Used by the British army. The gun was operated by a six to eight man team. One man fired the gun. one fed the ammunition into the gun and the rest carried the ammunition and spare parts. The weapon was extremely reliable on the battlefield. The gun was tested by being shot for a consecutive 12 hours and 100 barrels the gun could shoot over a million rounds.

The Vickers machine gun was created after the maxim gun witch was used in the 19th century. The Vickers Gun was used in medium ranged combat normally when the enemy was advancing out of the trenches or to lay down covering fire for The Allies to make a move on the Germans. The vickers gun was a belt feed witch means there was a belt of .303 rounds that were all connected and pulled into the gun after the round before it was fired. To keep the gun from jamming up there was a man that would hold the belt and take up slack in the belt so the bullets could transfer into the action smoothly.

When the gun was introduced not many people had seen what the gun was capable of and how helpful it could be. but a few months into the war if you saw a man with one of these guns you knew that you were protected by a mechanical warrior. The only bad thing about them is that the Germans were able to acquire them too.

The Vickers gun was originally a British made gun but soon after the war the U.S realized that the Vickers gun was superior to most of its automatic weapons. So A brand called Colt adopted the vickers gun and we made are own to use in war. The gun was called the Colt-Vickers gun M1915

The Effect that the vickers machine gun has had on today

The Vickers machine gun was a big part of the war. and without it things might have been a lot different. Without it there are raids we might not have succeed in or times we advanced on the enemy we might not have won.

The Vickers Gun has helped advance Americas weaponry a lot. towards the end of the war we started mounting the guns on Airplanes and Automobiles. changing the way war was fought. Today we have weapons that were based of the vickers gun like the, M134 minigun with a crazy RPM (rounds per minute) of 3000-4000RPM. Or guns like the M60,M249 witch could be operated by one man and has capability of shooting 100 RPM. With a Box Belt fed Magazine.

M134 MiniGun

The Vickers Gun truly shows that if we get hit once we are gonna come back and hit ten times harder. We now fight strategically and could take down a small army with well placed and well equipped men. If we decided to not use the vickers gun in WWI we might not have ever had the idea of weapons like these.

This topic keeps changing because of the amount of change we make to are weaponry in war. and it wont stop changing because everyday we find a new way to improve are arsenal of weaponry.


Created with images by Chris., - "World War 1 World War 2 re-enactors Rotherham (107)" • euthman - "Vickers MK I Machine Gun" • U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet - "IMCMEX_141102-N-SI773-199" • hectorir - "The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon"

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