Marjorie's Number the Stars Book Diary by Marjorie


I think that war is when a lot of people lose their family members and later on to be remember the family members lost. People felt really scared and worried for their family members that they might get shot.


What I think of neighbors is that you are supposed to help them when they need you and when you need them they will be there for you. If there was a war I would go out and help my friends that would be hurt really badly.

Number the Stars

I think that Number the Stars is going to be about a lot of history stuff. Also on the Amazing Race that we did it had to with a lot of stuff like resistance, capture, and escaping so that´s why I think that Number the Stars is going to be about history.

Literary Analysis

Mama says, ¨ Be one of many.¨ I think this means that you must always be careful for what people see you as. Also that you should not be one on your own but be with as many people and stay united with others.

Annemarie was still thinking if Denmark would actually be body guards for the Jews. She was really scared because she would have never thought that the guards would go to their house and start to look for the Rosens .

Annemarie was really starting to feel better when she was with Ellen. To her it felt like she had her older sister back with her again other known as Ellen.

When the star of David was imprinted into Annemarie hand it was like if Ellen was imprinted onto Annemarie's hand. Its showing that Annemarie would do anything for Ellen. As shown that the star of David was imprinted onto Annemarie's hand.

If Denmark would be a body guard for the Jews they would help by giving some Jews a shelter, food, and a lot more that they would need. While the rest of the community would go out and try to help Mr. Hirsch ´s family and other people in need.


We just read that the Germans are taking the properties of the Jews and the Jews are getting their stores closed and taken away.

Therefore, I predict that in the next chapter (4) that they will be taking the Jews away from other family and friends. Also that they might start attacking Denmark.

I predict that in the next chapter that we are going to read Annemarie will get caught by the soldiers and they will also check what she has in the basket. The dogs that the soldiers have will smell what Annemarie has in the packet that is in the basket and get her in big trouble.


Conflict : Man vs. Man

In Number the Stars it is showing how Annemarie was stopped by the soldiers and they wouldn't let go so that is showing a conflict of a man vs man.

Annemarie learned that she should always be careful for what animals do as well as what soldiers do.

I knew that is was a man vs man because it was telling how the soldiers were taking things from the basket that she had to take lunch to her uncle. Also they ended up feeding the food to the dogs.

Conflict: Man vs. Nature

In the book it is telling how the Rosens had to be very careful when they were in the forest because it was dark and the tree's roots were every where and they could trip on some of the roots that were even more scattered.

Mrs. Johansen (Annemarie's mom) learned that she would have to be very careful that the Rosens would not get hurt so they could go to Sweden.

I knew that this was going to be a man vs nature because the roots of the tree were part of nature and that will show that a person got hurt because of nature.

Conflict: Man vs. Self

In the book Number the Stars Annemarie had to think about all the dangers she that she could get into while taking the packet to his uncle so she had to think whether to go or not, but since her mom was hurt she would have to take it to her uncle Henrik.

Annemarie learned that she should be ready when ever they will need it like being brave to do what she did just to take something to Annemarie's uncle.

I knew what this was because she had to think to herself a lot because she wasn't sure if she wanted to take the packet to her uncle Henrik

Conflict: Man vs. Society

I found that the man vs society is when the German guards are trying to take all the Jews from Copenhagen and the people from the society are trying to help the Jews.

Later on in the book the Germans learned that they should stop the war because it wasn't really doing anything besides hurting and killing Jews.

I knew what it was when I read theone of the parts that said that some of people in the resistance got killed because they helped the Jews escape.



The theme is that you should always be brave about stuff you do and be careful so the next thing you do you will know what is right for you and what is not right for you. Just make sure that what ever you do is the right thing to do. Like when Annemarie was stopped by the soldiers in the beginning of the book she had to be very brave. Also like Annmarie in the book Number the Stars she did the right thing and when she did that she was very brave. Well she had to be brave to do what she did because if she didn't do it then the Jews that were on boats would have never made it to Sweden. This theme to me means that if I wanted to do something right and I would think it's kind of dangerous then I am going to be very brave.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky & Stocky

"she was a stocky ten-year-old,unlike lanky Annemarie." (page 1)

Based on this sentence, lanky and stocky have opposite meanings. I also know they are body types because of the description of the race.

Lanky means tall and skinny stocky means a big and thick build

Suffix-y, relating to or filled with other words messy, cheesy, lucky.


"Why are you running?" the harsh voice asked. His Danish was very poor. Three years, Annemarie thought with contempt. Three years they've been in our country, and still they can't speak our language. (3)

This word in the book is making a question and Annemarie thinking that the German guards have been there so long but they still can't speak the Copenhagen language.

Contempt: Disapproval and disgust

The soldier reached down and stroked her little sister's short, tangled curls. Stand still, Kirsti, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that somehow the obstinate five-year-old would receive the message.


" wait for me!" wailed little Kirsti, left behind, but the older girls weren't listening."

In the sentence Kirsti wanted to join them, but got left behind while she got upset.

The meaning of wailed is to cry of sadness or anger.


"My little sister.' She reached down for Kirsti's hands, but Kirsti, always stubborn, refused it and put her hands on her hips defiantly."





Three years, Annemarie thought with contempt.


Stand still, Kirsti, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that somehow the obstinate five-year-old would receive the message.


But Annemarie heard Mama and Papa talk, sometimes at night, about the news they received that way: news of sabotage against the Nazis , bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damage so that the goods couldn´t be transported.


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