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Maui is the second largest island, of the Hawaii islands. The western slopes of the island are dry, while the eastern slopes are lush and have rainforests and waterfalls. Maui also is home to the Haleakala Volcano, which hasn't erupted since the 1700's. Ocean fully surrounds the island. Lahaina is the capital of Maui. Haleakala, Hana, and Honolua Bay are popular spots in Maui. Maui has a tropical climate,with 11/12 soil orders. Maui's population is approximately 154,834, speaking 2 main Hawaiian languages and English. Hawaiian peoples hold luau's as celebrations. These luau's involve a feast and dancing.

Human/Environment Interactions

The hawaiian islands have active volcanoes, which can lead to eruptions, and can further lead to debris and pollution. Hawaiians are known to fish, swim, and surf in the surrounding ocean. In Hawaii, most of the natural beauty in islands have been taken away by hotels, restaurants, and airports, which does not support the animals and/or sealife. Even tho there are trees being cut down for building to go up, they are replanting trees. There is recycling and not polluting rivers and waters.


Cars, planes, buses, boats and even trains, are ways to get around Maui. There are 3 airports in Maui by the names of Kahului, Kapalua, and Hana. There are docking places along Maui, a main one is Kahului.


Maui is part of the Hawaii Islands, part of the United States and located in the Central Pacific.


The absolute location of Maui is 20.7984° N, 156.3319° W. The relative location is The State of Hawaii is located in the North Pacific Ocean just a few degrees south of the Tropic of Cancer, approximately 2,550 miles southwest of Los Angeles and about 3,900 miles southeast of Tokyo.


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