Corrie Ten Boom By: Aheli Mojumdar

Who was Corrie Ten Boom?

Betsie, Nollie, and Corrie
  • Cornelia Arnold Johanna Ten Boom was born on April 15, 1892
  • She was born in Holland, Amsterdam
  • She was extremely religious
  • She had four siblings
  • She was a dutch watchmaker
  • The first licensed female watchmaker in Holland

The Hiding Place:

Children her mother 'adopted' as her own
  • They always helped people out who were in need
  • She respected all types of religions even if it wasn't hers
  • The operation was called the 'Beje'
  • She had to smuggle ration cards
  • Extremely hard to get enough food for everyone
  • It got harder to hide them because of the gestapo

Arrested/Concentration Camps:

Extended family/ other people involved in the operation
  • They got arrested because a dutch spy told the gestapo about the 'Beje'
  • Numerous things that were scarring
  • She and her sister were moved to a concentration camp

Hardships/ Deaths:

Cornelia Ten Boom
  • Her sister had died in concentration camp
  • Her father had died in jail
  • Witnessing deaths

After the War:

Where she hid the people in her house
  • She made it out alive
  • She was knighted by the Queen of Holland
  • She made a rehab center
  • She gave speeches about her experiences

Is it Okay to Lie for a Good Reason?

A quote from Cornelia Ten Boom

Did she really lie? A lie isn't telling the truth, but whose truth was it really? Hitlers or Corrie's? Her intention was to save innocent people who were dying because of their religion. She lied against Hitlers definition of truth, but most people today wouldn't count that as a lie because our truth (in that case) is everyone should be treated equally despite of anyone religion, race, or belief. So is it okay to lie for a good reason? Lie is the antonym of truth. Everyone has a different definition of truth, so I don't know. Is it okay to lie for a good reason?


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