The Kingdom of Narnia Sakina Abidi & Tye scott

Once upon a time, far away in the Kingdom of Narnia, there lived a mighty king and his loyal followers. The Kingdom of Narnia was a very small and rural place in Europe, residing on the edge of an island, near the oceans. This kingdom was a developing nation, and had limited resources. Not many people lived in this town, nor did many visit it, as they had no idea it existed. Coincidentally, many people had emigrated away from Narnia, due to the nation's lack of sustainability. To make things even worse, the Kingdom of Narnia's population was clustered, and there was barely any land use.
Small village in Europe
The ruler of this nation went by the name of King Ezekiel. King Ezekiel was a greedy, and conceited man who never left his castle. He was a lousy leader, and lived alone. He had a long, dark beard and more jewels on his clothes and crown, than on his throne. The Kingdom of Narnia was suffering in a number of ways, and King Ezekiel was one of the main reasons why.
One night, the king was very angry. "Get me my supper, you ungrateful peasant!" He snapped at his maid. This, unfortunately, was not the first time today. The king had snapped at five other maids in the last hour. Unfortunately, none of his maids or castle guards knew the reason as to why he was so angry, today. However, all of them had a variety of assumptions. According to the castle workers, this anger arises within king Ezekiel every year, around this time. The answer to this question, only King Ezekiel knew.
Back in his room, the king seemed to have been very upset about something. He was sitting on his bed holding a portrait of what seemed to have been the king's parents, his beloved wife, and the king posing for an oil painting. While looking at the picture, the king had shed a few tears. This is because, King Ezekiel had lost his entire family to the black plague, 8 years ago today, which explains his isolation from the world.
King Ezekiel's Castle
The next morning, King Ezekiel had gotten a sudden strike of optimism. He wanted to make things right with his people, so the king decided to walk the streets of Narnia, and meet his followers. Before today, he would never come out of his castle.
As the king walked around town, he was extremely shocked by what he had seen. King Ezekiel had witnessed the villagers sleeping on sidewalks, begging for food from the wealthy, and suffering from diseases, and contagious illnesses such as the black plague. The king had come across an old lady who seemed to be at a loss. She was sitting on the curb of the sidewalk and crying. King Ezekiel was walking by her, and had no choice but to stop and ask if she was okay. "What is your name, lady?" The king demanded. "Iris Middletown." She replied trembling. He noticed that the lady's fingernails were entirely black, and they seemed to have looked infected. At first, the king did not seem to care about the woman, and he felt no need to do anything about the situation. However, the king had thought about his own family, and how they had died of a deadly disease. For this reason, he decided to make a change. So, the king sent the lady to a home doctor who lived close by, with one of his guards. If King Ezekiel did not do something about the greater situation, he would come to realize that his whole realm will be falling apart.
The Kingdom of Narnia was very poor and did not have many of the basic needs that a sustainable community needs. The environment was utterly unhealthy, the economy was failing, and most importantly the kingdom's society was at it's lowest point, thus far. He knew that the only way to save his nation from ending completely, was to enhance the sustainability in his town through the environment, society, and the economy.
For starters, the king had to fix the issue of the nation's unhealthy environment. King Ezekiel had noticed that the village streets were polluted with waste, litter, and rodents, or small animals, such as rats and mice, running around. Furthermore, King Ezekiel decided it was time to hire unemployed and poor people to clean up the streets. Luckily, there were people who were willing to do anything in order to earn some money. The king knew if the streets were cleaned up, people wouldn't be getting attacked by deadly diseases, as easily. With that, King Ezekiel supplied the poor people willing to work, with equipment, and sent them off to make Narnia's environment a better place for all.
It had been at least one month later, that the king hired some of the villagers to clean up the streets. Today, the village had been cleaner than ever. The streets were spotless to every cobblestone, there was no litter in sight, and most importantly, all the rodents and small animals rampaging through the streets, had left. King Ezekiel knew that this was just the beginning act to saving his kingdom.
The next morning, back at his royal castle, King Ezekiel was thinking and planning, profusely. He decided that the next step he had to take, to stop Narnia's society from falling apart, was to build a hospital for the sick people who were suffering from multiple diseases and illnesses, but most importantly the black plague. King Ezekiel knew that, at all odds, he could not let the black plague spread throughout his realm. He had planned everything out, even to the very number of hospital beds. The king knew the best place this hospital could be located, was at town square, where the hospital could be accessible to anyone, at anytime. And with this new plan in mind, the king slept at ease, knowing he was about to make an immense change for the better, in his kingdom.
The next morning, King Ezekiel had went down to the governor's office to discuss the details. The governor and him had been talking for hours and, there was only one thing left to do. All they had to do, was decide on the hospital's name. "Ezekiel Hospital?" Suggested the king. Surprisingly, the governor loved the idea, and with that, they started building the hospital. "The sooner we can get this hospital built, the more people we can employ, and the more diseases we can treat. You truly are starting a great epidemic, your highness." Said the governor, in utter admiration of King Ezekiel's change of dynamics.
At last, the hospital was built. Everyone was absolutely thrilled. The first person admitted to the hospital was the old lady, Iris Middletown, the king had come across a few months back. Luckily, she was cured, and no one else had gotten the disease from her. King Ezekiel was very proud of himself for opening a new hospital for his kingdom. He not only helped people and helped treat many diseases, but he gave people jobs and improved the economy. It made him believe in himself further, and he knew that from this day forth, King Ezekiel was going to be a terrific leader.
Ezekiel Hospital
That day, as the king was walking back to his castle, the old lady who had been cured due to King Ezekiel's heroic work, called for him. "King Ezekiel!" She said, as she ran up to him. "Thank you so much, for opening that hospital. Without you, my life would have ended. You truly are the best hope for this kingdom." Said Iris. King Ezekiel showed a subtle smile and nodded, feeling at ease knowing he had saved a life. "I cannot imagine how proud your wife would be of you, for all the work you have done for this kingdom." Unfortunately, Iris did not know that King Ezekiel's wife had died 8 years ago. "My wife is no longer with me. I can only hope that she is proud of me." King Ezekiel said, weakly. Iris had looked shocked and overwhelmed as she said, "I am truly sorry for your loss, your highness. I am sure you will find someone who cares about you, just as much as your wife did." That made King Ezekiel wonder. Even though he had saved his kingdom from corruption, he still felt empty and incomplete. He knew that he wanted more. Deep down, King Ezekiel knew that he had no one to go home to, no one to share his feelings with, no companionship in his life. "Unfortunately, some things never change, Mrs. Middletown." King Ezekiel said to the old lady, as he walked away towards his castle.
The Kingdom of Narnia
It had been twenty years later, and the Kingdom of Narnia had changed, remarkably. There were 3 more hospitals in the town, almost everyone had a home to live in and enough money to make a living, and most importantly, the Kingdom of Narnia was no longer an unknown destination. More and more people would visit the kingdom for it's absolute beauty, and supply of resources. The population had grown, greatly, which made the nation an urban population. There was also, an increase in land use for everyone. Now, the Kingdom of Narnia was the talk of the nation, it was in every European newsletter, and the most known place in Europe. All thanks to King Ezekiel.
One day, King Ezekiel was spotted walking around town. Every village person near the area was appalled. They couldn't believe their eyes. The king had been holding hands with a woman. She seemed to have been his wife. By the looks of King Ezekiel's face, he seemed so much happier than he was 20 years ago, when he built the first hospital in Narnia. King Ezekiel and his wife had walked to a house near town square. The king rang the doorbell and Iris Middletown, had came to the door, whose life King Ezekiel had saved. "Oh! How I've longed to see you again, your highness." Said Iris. "And, I see you've brought someone with you." She said, smiling at the king and his wife. "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Middletown. My name is Elizabeth Alexandra." King Ezekiel's wife said to Iris. "I'm glad to see your looking after your health. It seems as though you haven't aged a day, since the last time I saw you." Said King Ezekiel looking at Iris, delightfully. "Well, my dear," said Iris, "sometimes, you have to fight for the things that are important to you."
From that day forward, the Kingdom of Narnia was complete. King Ezekiel was the heartbeat that Narnia had been needing for a long time now.

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